FEEDBackSM: The Smarter Way to Manage Relationships with your Guests

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Online ordering is changing the way many brands think about the guest relationship. Digital channels offer a level of convenience that is hard to beat, however removing some of the face-to-face communications creates an inherent risk that poor experiences will not be heard about or addressed. Paytronix FEEDbackSM offers a solution to this by giving your guests an easy way to provide their comments and reviews – good and bad – while making it easy for you, your franchisees, or unit managers, to respond to guests and recover guests who have poor experiences.

AI-Driven responses make it easy to act on customer reviews.

Configurable response options within FEEDbackSM save you time while also making your guests feel heard, deterring them from posting negative reviews publicly before you have had the chance to recover from the situation. If your pre-configured options are not a fit in response to a guest’s review, you can also customize the response, including an option to offer a discount or coupon to encourage a return visit.

The newest FEEDbackSM feature makes responding to guests easier than ever. The new AI-enhanced response feature analyzes reviews – even those where guests don’t leave comments- and drafts a response email based on guest sentiment. This AI to IASM feature learns continuously and can respond in ways tailored to your brand, including accents, and signature sign off lines, allowing you to maintain a consistent brand voice while improving brand reputation, retaining guests and saving time!

Before creating your email draft, your team will have the opportunity to determine the best course of action to take. The FEEDbackSM page includes the guest’s ordering history and previous behavior to allow your team to choose whether or not to give a discount or just provide a response.

The AI response feature is available to all Paytronix Order & Delivery customers. Reach out today to learn more or to have it activated on your existing account.

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