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What is Paytronix CXP?

Combining online ordering, loyalty, omnichannel messaging, AI insights, and payments in one platform. Paytronix delivers relevant, personal experiences, at scale, that help improve your entire digital marketing funnel by creating amazing frictionless experiences.

A Complete Customer Experience Platform
Online Ordering
Acquire new customers and capture valuable data with industry leading customization features.
Encourage More visits and higher spend with personalized promotions based on individual activity and preferences.
Build great customer relationships with relevant personal omnichannel campaigns delivered at scale.
Artificial Intelligence
Leverage the most data from the most customer transactions to power 1:1 marketing campaigns and drive revenue.
Drive brand engagement by providing fast, frictionless guest payments.


Paytronix CXP Solutions

We use data, customer experience expertise, and technology to solve everyday restaurant and convenience store challenges.

Contactless Experiences
Accommodate your guests' changing preferences by providing safe, efficient service whether dining-in or taking out.
Customer Insights
Collect guest data and analyze behaviors to develop powerful targeted campaigns that produce amazing results.
Marketing Automation
Create and test campaigns across channels and segments to drive loyalty, incremental visits, and additional revenue.
Mobile Experiences
Provide convenient access to your brand, menus and loyalty program to drive retention with a branded or custom app.
Create a frictionless, fun way to reward your most loyal customers for frequent visits and purchases while normalizing revenues.
Employee Dining
Attract and retain your employees with dollar value or percentage-based incentives and tiered benefits.
Order Experience Builder
Create powerful interactive, and appealing online menus that attract and acquire new customers simply and easily.

Multi-Unit Restaurant Customer Experience Platform

Loyalty Programs
High-impact customizable programs that increase spend, visit, and engagement with your brand.
Online Ordering
Maximize first-party digital sales with an exceptional guest experience.
Launch your programs with more than 450 existing integrations.


About Paytronix

We are here to help clients build their businesses by delivering amazing experiences for their guests.

Meet The Team
Our exceptional customer engagement innovations are delivered by a team of extraordinary people.
A collection of press and media about our innovations, customers, and people.
A schedule of upcoming tradeshows, conferences, and events that we will participate in.
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Paytronix Resources

Learn how to create great customer experiences with our free eBooks, webinars, articles, case studies, and customer interviews.

See Our Product In Action
Learn more about topics important to the restaurant and c-store customer experience.
Watch brief videos for tips and strategies to connect with your customers.
Case Studies
Learn how brands have used the Paytronix platform to increase revenue and engage with guests.
See how your brand stacks up against industry benchmarks, analysis, and research.
Catch up with our team of in-house experts for quick articles to help your business.

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Paytronix celebrates Women’s History Month by recognizing its women in tech

Paytronix celebrates Women’s History Month by recognizing its women in tech

As the nation celebrates its 35th annual Women’s History Month, Paytronix is reflecting on the brilliant female leaders across the company.

From software developers to sales account managers to product owners, women make up 33% of the Paytronix workforce – a figure on par with tech industry leaders like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Please join us in celebrating some of our esteemed colleagues who make Paytronix the most advanced digital guest experience platform.


Chimuanya Okoro, Mobile Product Manager, at Paytronix 4.5 years

What made you want to work in tech?

My older brothers! They had an e-commerce business selling refurbished cellphones. I was tasked with quality-assuring the phones before we shipped them to the customer. Working with them to review site mockups and chat about new functionality to add to the site sparked my curiosity to learn more about software development.

What female mentor / historical figure most inspired you along your career path?

My mom, I.V. Okoro. She immigrated to this country in the late 1980s. She’s an amazing entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Tell us something about yourself.

I’m a foodie, I love to take long nature walks, and I recently got into rowing.


Image-from-iOS-5-203x300 Kristin Lynch, Director of Restaurant Data Insights, at Paytronix 2 years

What made you want to work in tech?

Prior to working at Paytronix, I spent more than 20 years leading marketing for large retail brands.  In building brand strategy, marketing campaigns, and product innovation for these iconic brands, I realized that customer loyalty was always at the heart of what I was doing.  For my next 20-plus years, I realized I wanted to focus on developing strong strategic initiatives for other iconic brands while focusing on engagement with their most loyal guests.

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What female mentor / historical figure most inspired you along your career path? 

My mother.  She is a retired elementary school teacher who taught for 30-plus years while raising my sister and myself as a single mother.  Her ability to keep everything organized, educate in a fun and loving manner, and lead by example has pushed me to make decisions and mentor others around me each day.  I always hear her voice in my head and feel her hand on my shoulder for support and the little push to continue doing great things.

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a wife to David, mother to Emerson (6) and Liam (3), and dog-mom to Monte and Guinness. I am an avid Peloton cyclist and I try to ride 10-25 miles any given day, multiple days a week.  I love being outside in the sun watching my kids ride bikes, swimming at the neighborhood pool, or enjoying a glass of red wine on our patio.


aboutMe-271x300 Ana Arribasplata, Software Developer, at Paytronix 5 years

What made you want to work in tech?

My dad used to program every night. I would watch him code and saw his excitement when he solved a frustrating problem. I keep that memory very close to my heart, so I did not hesitate to follow in my dad’s footsteps when it was time to apply for college. During my college years, I realized how male saturated this field is, which motivated me to stay on this track and encourage other women to pursue a career in tech.

What female mentor / historical figure most inspired you along your career path?

My sister has been the best mentor I could have asked for. She is a very analytical person and picks me up when I doubt myself. She is always there to remind me how hard I have worked all throughout the years. Starting from moving to a brand new country, starting a career without speaking English, getting a dog, and just everyday life problems. She has cleared the path for me to not be afraid of taking the next step.

Tell us something about yourself.

My most powerful support system is my family. My family is all around the world; my mom is in Peru, my sister in Germany, and my dad and myself in the USA. There is nothing I look forward to more than our Sunday calls. We stop everything and share everything we have done in the week, we ask for advice, and we just have a good time. I am thankful that technology allows us to be closer even when we are very far away from each other. I also like volunteering at places that work to narrow the gap between men and women in tech, and am currently volunteering to schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments for those in under-represented communities.


pic-of-me-225x300 Tara Deggendorf, Sales Account Manager, at Paytronix 3.5 years

What made you want to work in tech? 

I wanted to work in tech because it is constantly changing and evolving. There is always something new to learn, and I enjoy the challenge of staying knowledgeable of what’s changing in the industry and integrating it into the Sales role. 

What female mentor / historical figure most inspired you along your career path?

There are many female mentors that have inspired me in my career, including my mother, teachers and professors, and my female colleagues at Paytronix. The drive and passion of my female colleagues at Paytronix inspire me every day to continue learning and growing in my career.

Tell us something about yourself.

In my spare time, I enjoy working with different charities to raise money through running, including Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. I am also working toward my Masters in Business Administration! I really enjoy trying new restaurants, and taking long walks and (short) hikes with my miniature dachshund, Daisy!


IMG_7784-1-300x300 Allison Antonelli, Manager of Client Finance Operations, at Paytronix 4.5 years
What made you want to work in tech?

I have a degree in Theatre Arts, but with life comes responsibility and I needed to find a stable career. It just so happened that my management training and years of dealing with the many personalities of the theatre made me a good fit for customer service. When I moved to Boston, Paytronix needed a new Billing Specialist. The company culture seemed fun and exciting so it was a no-brainer to apply. 

What female mentor / historical figure most inspired you along your career path?

I was searching for a stereotypical answer, but my biggest inspiration has to be Sara Bareilles. I’ve been listening to her music for a long time and have found a lot of strength in her storytelling. She is a strong, savvy, sensitive businesswoman. Her lyrics are constantly reminding women how strong they are and to lean on each other if they need support. I’ve turned to her in many moments of sadness or struggle and she helps pick me up and inspire me.

Tell us something about yourself.

I was nominated as The Beer Queen shortly after working at Paytronix since I was always ready and willing to run out for beer on Fridays. I typically spend my weekends finding new breweries around New England or spending the afternoon with my boyfriend and our dog, Winnie.  I am originally from NY and my parents own and operate their own brewery in my hometown. I enjoy redecorating my house seasonally. (Currently obsessed with yellow & lemons!) I am a big-time Hamilton fan and the soundtrack never leaves my top five albums on Spotify, slightly behind Sara Bareilles, of course. 


IMG_8155-225x300 Jessica Shelcusky, Marketing Specialist, at Paytronix 2 years

What made you want to work in tech?

I’ve always been really interested in data analytics, and I took a few machine learning classes during my MBA program, so working for Paytronix, for a company that’s using that data to produce real results for our customers, was an exciting opportunity.

What female mentor / historical figure most inspired you along your career path?

Not necessarily along my career path, but ever since I was a young girl I was always inspired by Audrey Hepburn.  Not only was she an icon in her career, but she found a way to give back through UNICEF and other charitable organizations, which I always admired.

Tell us something about yourself.

I’m a huge sports fan! Whether it’s pro-tennis, the Patriots or Syracuse basketball, I love watching sports.  I also love baking – when I took a career aptitude test as a high school student, pastry chef was one of my options. While I haven’t pursued it professionally, the Paytronix office has certainly enjoyed my hobby.


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