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What is Paytronix CXP?

Combining online ordering, loyalty, omnichannel messaging, AI insights, and payments in one platform. Paytronix delivers relevant, personal experiences, at scale, that help improve your entire digital marketing funnel by creating amazing frictionless experiences.

A Complete Customer Experience Platform
Online Ordering
Acquire new customers and capture valuable data with industry leading customization features.
Encourage More visits and higher spend with personalized promotions based on individual activity and preferences.
Build great customer relationships with relevant personal omnichannel campaigns delivered at scale.
Artificial Intelligence
Leverage the most data from the most customer transactions to power 1:1 marketing campaigns and drive revenue.
Drive brand engagement by providing fast, frictionless guest payments.


Paytronix CXP Solutions

We use data, customer experience expertise, and technology to solve everyday restaurant and convenience store challenges.

Contactless Experiences
Accommodate your guests' changing preferences by providing safe, efficient service whether dining-in or taking out.
Customer Insights
Collect guest data and analyze behaviors to develop powerful targeted campaigns that produce amazing results.
Marketing Automation
Create and test campaigns across channels and segments to drive loyalty, incremental visits, and additional revenue.
Mobile Experiences
Provide convenient access to your brand, menus and loyalty program to drive retention with a branded or custom app.
Create a frictionless, fun way to reward your most loyal customers for frequent visits and purchases while normalizing revenues.
Employee Dining
Attract and retain your employees with dollar value or percentage-based incentives and tiered benefits.
Order Experience Builder
Create powerful interactive, and appealing online menus that attract and acquire new customers simply and easily.

Multi-Unit Restaurant Customer Experience Platform

Loyalty Programs
High-impact customizable programs that increase spend, visit, and engagement with your brand.
Online Ordering
Maximize first-party digital sales with an exceptional guest experience.
Launch your programs with more than 450 existing integrations.


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We are here to help clients build their businesses by delivering amazing experiences for their guests.

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Online Ordering Trends 2024: Consolidating Tech for Efficiency and Guest Engagement

As inflation pushes businesses everywhere to tighten budgets and double down on areas of success, restaurant and convenience store operators are reviewing their tech stacks with an eye toward streamlining and simplification.


At Paytronix, we’ve been tracking heavy tech consolidation activity in 2022 and 2023, and we expect to see the trend continue. In any market conditions, simplifying your tech stack can lead to greater operational efficiency and reduced complexity leading to cost savings, better data analysis, improved customer experiences, and enhanced training and support processes.

Optimized technology is arguably even more important today, as restaurants and c-stores deal with macro-economic challenges like inflation, supply-chain delays, staffing shortages, and changing guest habits. Simplifying your tech stack will go a long way toward freeing up staff for high-value activities and empowering better guest experiences at every touchpoint.


Customer journey integrations



where are you with your tech stack?

As you can see from the chart above, technology impacts every touchpoint of the guest experience—from guest-facing solutions that include online ordering, loyalty, gift cards, and other services to back-of-house accounting, campaign design, and operational tools.

While the ideal tech stack can be quite simple, many operators have complicated the issue by cobbling together solutions from different vendors to stay on top of changing consumer preferences. In 2024, those operators are facing the operational and financial challenges associated with managing such a complex tech stack.

tech stackTaking an inventory of your current systems will help you determine what you don’t use anymore and the gaps you need to fill to reduce your organization’s “tech debt” as much as possible. Tech debt refers to the costs required to manage your organization’s technology over time—and complex, legacy systems gradually get more expensive.

Streamlining your tech stack can pay dividends for everyone who interacts with the technology, from your staff and guests to your internal operations and marketing teams. If you choose a single-vendor platform that’s powered by intelligent customer insights and sophisticated marketing automation, you’ll enjoy many benefits that drive efficiency and growth:

  • Reduced cost of ownership: By consolidating your technology solutions, you can eliminate redundant systems and reduce the overall costs associated with maintaining and managing multiple platforms.
  • Reduced technology management: Managing multiple solutions and vendors can be time-consuming and complex. By consolidating your tech stack, you can reduce the burden on your IT team and end users.
  • Better guest experiences: A simplified tech stack can result in more seamless guest interactions across channels. With all your systems working together efficiently, you can provide smoother transactions, faster service, and personalized guest experiences. ·      
  • Connections to other platforms: Tight integrations allow for seamless data sharing between systems, enabling improved operational efficiency and decision-making. ·   
  • Centralized insights and reporting: Having a consolidated tech stack enables you to access real-time insights and analytics from all your systems, providing a comprehensive view of your business performance.
  • Reduced time to innovation: By eliminating complexities and streamlining processes, you can respond quickly to market trends and guest demands.


The advantages of integrated guest engagement platforms

Many operators are simplifying their tech stacks by choosing advanced first-party guest engagement platforms that bundle different services, such as online ordering, loyalty programs, mobile apps, and reviews, while offering seamless integration with delivery services, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and other guest engagement solutions.

Bringing these related services together cuts costs, deepens guest relationships, and generates insights operators can use to make better decisions around menus, personalized offers, and guest segmentation.


online ordering digital storefront webinar cta


first-party ordering improves your profitability

While third-party marketplaces will continue to have a role to play in guest acquisition, they can be expensive and cumbersome to maintain over time. Third-party marketplaces can take up to 30% off the top of your revenue and do not provide avenues to encourage repeat business. The goal for operators is to move guests from third-party to first-party online ordering, to maximize profits and build lasting relationships with guests.  

With a robust first-party ordering platform as your foundation, you can still capture orders from third-party aggregators directly into your POS system for a single source of online-ordering truth. This capability reduces errors associated with re-entering orders and simplifies reporting, while keeping menus in sync and kitchens on track. 

Technology is making it easier for brands to integrate first-party guest engagement solutions, like loyalty and gift, with third parties. A new integration with DoorDash, for example, enables guests using Storefront or Bbot to pay with gift cards during checkout.


mobile integrations meet guests where they are

A first-party online ordering solution is a powerful tool on the desktop, but it’s even more effective when made available through your mobile app

For guests, mobile apps are the most convenient way to place orders, track fulfillment status, and make payments. For employees, a mobile app eliminates the need to wait by the phone or tend to impatient customers. Incoming orders are queued automatically and accurately, resulting in more efficient and stress-free fulfillment.  

Over time, mobile apps improve relationships with guests who love ordering when they’re on the go and receiving location-based offer notifications and updates. And the apps are even more powerful when they offer points and rewards management for your most loyal guests.


loyalty integrations attract and keep more guests

Time and time again, we see loyalty programs grow by leaps and bounds when they’re integrated with first-party online ordering platforms. One large sandwich chain, for example, reported that 53% of new loyalty members came from online ordering. Dutch Bros gained 1.4 million loyalty members in one month after going digital. 

This is important because loyal guests are your best guests. People who sign up for loyalty programs order more frequently, order more items each time, are quick to jump on promotions, and tip better than guests who aren’t loyalty program members.


Data integrations give you the insights you need

Your first-party guest engagement platform can be your central hub for data around payments, as well as guest preferences, ordering patterns, and trends.  With more complete analytics at your fingertips, you can make better decisions about menu items, offers, and other strategies to best serve high-value guests and meet customer demands.


payment integrations increase profits and improve accuracy

The ability to feed online orders directly from your first-party platform to your POS and Kitchen Display System can help you reduce errors and sync menus across all platforms, including third party.


With a custom menu builder and centralized menu management, operators can make changes once to give all guests the most accurate prices and item availability in real time. Gone are the days of contacting third-party vendors with your edits.



delivery integrations provide on-demand access to local drivers

Built-in delivery has long been part of the appeal of third-party marketplaces, but now delivery service has been decoupled from online ordering.

Operators with first-party guest engagement platforms can easily integrate delivery services that provide on-demand access to local drivers, delivery zone customization, and the ability to absorb fees or pass them on to guests depending on order size and loyalty status.


survey integrations make you more responsive to guests

Adding a feedback tool to your purchasing process is one of the most important technology integrations you can implement. These solutions have been shown to repair strained guest relationships, even increasing visit frequency of those initially dissatisfied with their experience.

Mr. Pickle’s, for example, which was named among the fastest-growing emerging restaurants in the United States by Nation’s Restaurant News, has been using Paytronix guest surveys to increase orders by 23% and automated apology/offer combinations to improve ratings by 22%.


pull it all together with paytronix

A first-party guest engagement platform with integrated services gives operators complete control over ordering and guest retention processes, empowering them to optimize operations, enhance the guest experience, and drive loyalty, while gaining valuable insights for future growth and innovation. 

In today’s dynamic and competitive landscape, restaurants and c-stores can no longer afford to maintain and support disparate legacy systems, manage multiple vendor relationships, and make sense of siloed data sets. The best approach is to consolidate all your guest engagement programs with a partner who can manage updates for you and scale with you as your needs evolve.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill, for example, streamlined its tech stack in just 18 months with the full Paytronix guest engagement platform, including Online Ordering, Loyalty, CRM, and Data Insights. Almost immediately, the operator saw increased online order totals, loyalty program growth, greater operational awareness, and reduced food and labor costs.

Technology is mandatory for delivering guest-centric experiences. And with reduced complexity in your tech stack, you can deliver the services guests demand while creating valuable efficiencies for your team.

With more than 450 integrations, including 40-plus integrations with POS systems alone, the Paytronix platform expands your ability to surprise and delight your customers. To learn how to make Paytronix the foundation of your guest engagement tech stack, contact us or schedule a demo today.

paytronix online ordering demo cta


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