New Dashboards to Understand Customer Analytics & Improve Your Loyalty Program

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Even the most brilliantly conceived loyalty program is only as good as its results. These new dashboards make it so much easier to evaluate them! 

We’re happy to announce new dashboards, all of which have been fully rolled out and are available for you to use and explore.

Access the numbers you need. Visualize the trends in the data that will help prompt ideas for other successful promotions. The more you understand your customer data analytics, the more you’re able to build customer loyalty and strengthen customer retention. 

Think of the main program dashboard as a high-level look at your loyalty program. Here, you’ll get the “executive summary” of key information like average spend per visit, new members added within a certain time frame, and more. You can also filter data to dive a bit deeper into the exact information you’re looking for.

Beyond the main dashboard, there are four other dashboards you can navigate to for even more detailed data and richer insights:

  • Spend by Time of Day dashboard helps you get a handle of the correlations between revenue and what time the visits occur.
  • Enrollment Detail dashboard gives you insight into how people are signing up and where they’re signing up, as well as key demographic information.
  • Visit and Spend dashboard offers key information about total dollars spent, including important year over year data.
  • Mobile Dashboard keeps you on top of information about your mobile program, helping you monitor things like mobile app downloads over time. 

Additionally, if you run a gift card program access the dedicated gift card program dashboard to easily analyze your program’s performance. 

You can quickly navigate to each of these dashboards within your analytics tool, and you’ll find that it’s easy to switch from one dashboard to another. You can also download data from these dashboards at any time, or schedule dashboard information to be sent to you on a regular basis. 

These dashboards were created to help ensure that you have a good understanding of your programs and can see the program metrics in pictures as well as numbers. But another key element is to help inspire new marketing ideas and help you identify new opportunities. 

For more ideas or tips about how to use your dashboards or transform your loyalty programs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Paytronix. We’re always here to help you succeed. 

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