Lifetime Loyalty and Engagement Playbook

Utilize a strategic framework and leverage adaptable guest engagement tools to operationalize guest loyalty in an ever-changing marketplace. MonkeyMedia and The Catering Institute offer a playbook for today’s unprecedented consumer demand for takeout, delivery and catering – the off-premise paradigm shift.

We recently invited Erle Dardick and Mo Asgari of The Catering Institute and Monkey Media Software to join Paytronix in a discussion on building lifetime loyalty, with a focus on the guest engagement tools helping today’s brands earn loyalty and repeat business. The conversation explored which brands are the best at leveraging technology to keep customers engaged. We discussed how the strategy must evolve to follow guests through the various stages of their lives.

Erle and Mo provided a playbook for tapping into today’s unprecedented consumer demand for takeout, delivery, and catering—the off-premise paradigm shift.

Here are six key pieces of this playbook:

  1. The Convenience Shift – Restaurants may need to forego part of their culture to focus on providing a more desirable experience. For example, Starbucks is known as a place to hang out while drinking coffee, but its recent mobile ordering platform shows the brand is making changes to accommodate the grab-and-go culture. Work with third-party providers to grow beyond the four walls into food service providers that offer takeout, drive through, delivery, and catering to adapt to the convenience shift.
  2. Multichannel Guest Engagement – Multi-channel guest engagement reflects societal change. Learn from the industry’s examples, including the speed and convenience of Starbucks’ mobile order ahead, Olive Garden’s online ordering and takeout, and a number of different catering menus.
  3. Off-premise Marketing – Collect rich data from takeout, delivery, and catering functions. The data is the key to providing relevant, timely interaction for an optimal guest experience.
  4. Guest Engagement Strategies – Delivery on its own is not a strategy. A progressive restaurant strategy integrates delivery with centralized services, sales and marketing, and operations, and it all revolves around strong leadership that believes in the guest engagement strategy.
  5. Customer Touchpoints – Order entry and order distribution are key opportunities to manage the customer experience. Today, as brands work to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible, it’s crucial to make sure that each and every order is streamlined, no matter where it is coming from. The CRM platform is key to tracking customer engagement throughout the purchase.
  6. Streamline the Off-Premise Guest Experience – Capture a new customer loop that starts with order placement, captures the data transaction, and concludes with the brand’s communication back to the guest. This requires blazing fast transaction feeds, zero downtime, and accurate data reading… all connected under the guest engagement/loyalty program.

Learn more in a 30-minute webinar where Erle, Mo, and myself teamed up to explore changing dining behaviors and discuss how brands can adapt and engage guests for life.

Watch the free Paytronix Webinar: Building Lifetime Loyalty with Adaptable Guest Engagement Tools

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