Introducing Two New Filters to Help Promote Takeout & Delivery

As everyone focuses on the new realities of takeout and delivery, it’s important that brands have the tools they need to identify and target those loyal guests who are most likely to purchase through the new ordering channels.

That’s why we rolled out two new filters that enable marketers to find just those who either missed recent visits or have an online ordering history. It’s a way to identify the right people and help drive much-needed revenue.

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Missed Visit Score

Behind the Paytronix platform lies artificial intelligence that offers visibility into customers’ individual actions. This means we can understand an individual’s visit cadence. For a coffee shop or C-store patron, that rate might be once a day. For a pizza store, it might be once a week. And for a fine dining restaurant, it might be once every two months. The new Paytronix missed visit score informs you whenever that rate changes so that you can adjust your outreach accordingly.

The Missed Visit Score for loyalty customers divides them four ways:

  1. No Visits Missed – If a loyalty program member visits on average every 10 days, and it has been five days since their last visit, the goal is to keep this guest informed and to maintain your relationship. You can assume that this group of people cares about all your updates on new store hours or a shift to takeout and delivery. They should get all your emails, including gift card and online ordering offers.
  2. Just Missed a Visit – This category will include members who have just missed their last visit. For instance, they might visit every 10 days, but it is 11 days since their last visit. These are guests who still want to be informed but may be distracted or have had their schedule changed. Your communications for this group should focus on ways for them to interact through online orders or gift card purchases. Reaching out to them after they’ve just missed a visit increases chances of reengagement.
  3. One Cycle Missed – This group will include lapsed visitors, such as those people who average a visit every 10 days, but now have not come in for 12-19 days. These people should receive selective, targeted offers to maximize reengagement. You should prioritize call-to-action messaging over general brand awareness.
  4. Two or More Cycles Missed – These are the people who have fallen well off their regular visit cadence. It could be a member who had visited on average every 10 days, but now has not been in for more than 20 days. Because these people have stopped engaging with your brand, you want to be highly selective in what you send them. They will not be concerned with one-off store updates/hours. They also may not be interested in most call-to-action offers. Instead, these members should only receive your strongest and most important notifications that are imperative for all guests to receive.

Online Order History Score

The new Online Order History score tells you which customers have placed orders in past and whether those orders came through loyalty or through online ordering integration. It should be used to execute strategic communications to guests based on each guest’s familiarity with this ordering option.

The guests’ Online Order History scores fall into three categories.

  1. Never Ordered – In reaching out to these guests with online order options, brands are asking them to change their buying habits. Take the opportunity to inform and educate these guests. For instance, you might want to include more information on HOW a member would start an order as this would be a new process for them. Create awareness of online ordering as an option, to generate awareness and include instructions to simplify the process.
  2. Ordered Once – Let these people know that your brand is open for business online and what your hours of operation are. Since they’ve ordered online before, these guests do not need instruction. Instead, give these people incentives, such as discounts or bonuses, to get them to do it again. Be sure to let them know if anything has changed, for instance, if you have added a third-party delivery service.
  3. Ordered Multiple Times – If you continue to foster the relationship with this guest, they will likely order again. Because they are more receptive to online ordering offers, they do not require a big discount incentive. Consider a smaller reward to entice behavior, but not so large as to cannibalize orders that would have happened anyway.

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