How to Customize Online Ordering for Your Brand and Your Guest

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When it comes to online ordering, the ideal guest experience is one that complements your brand and provides a personalized experience for every visitor. The good news is that creating that experience can be simpler than you think, with the right strategy.

A recent Paytronix webinar offered tips for customizing your site — and provided a glimpse into the potential future of online ordering.

Here’s how you can welcome online ordering guests to a site that feels true to your brand and personalizes the customer experience:

Count on AI to catch order mistakes – before the order is placed. Artificial intelligence is already touching everything that marketers do, and the role of AI in online ordering will only grow over time. For brands, capitalizing on AI now will not only boost your business today, but will pave the way for your brand’s future.

If your guest has a user profile, AI will recognize that they typically edit their order to replace chicken with tofu. When that guest forgets to do so, a pop-up button can provide them an opportunity to correct the order in the moment. A simple message like, “Hey, we see you’re ordering meat. Did you forget to make a vegetarian substitution today?” will not only help eliminate errors, but will make your guest feel recognized and welcomed.

Maximize your brand with an online menu that’s both visually appealing and easy to use. Humans are visual creatures, especially when it comes to food. Working with an agency to build out a fully integrated and customized website is pricey, but there are less expensive ways to invest in a highly appealing web presence that pay off in the short- and long-term.

Visuals don’t just get your visitors’ mouths watering. They also help your guests know exactly what they’re getting. Does a sandwich’s avocado add-on mean they’re signing up for fresh green slices or a generous dollop of guacamole? Does your sausage pizza topping come in crumbles or thinly sliced rounds? Your customers want to know!

Recognize the customer with offers and promotions just for them. Personalized offers and rewards are made possible by integrating a customer loyalty program with your online ordering. Today’s guests not only appreciate these offerings – they’ve come to expect them. Getting these perks right with a personalized experience can push incremental sales and keep customers coming back.

Paytronix clients are reporting incredible success with one-to-one campaigns backed by AI – a practice Paytronix refers to as AI to IASM, or turning artificial intelligence into individual actions. A one-to-one visit challenge can reach every guest to incrementally increase visits. For some guests, the best promotion might be “Visit five times in two weeks and get a free coffee.” Others will be motivated by “Visit six times in July and get 100 points.” AI can tell you what works best, and when. And personalized campaigns motivate your guests because the challenge feels achievable to them as an individual, and the offers will be relevant to their preferences.

Do you have questions about customizing your online ordering menu? Are you wondering how the future of AI will impact your business? Get in touch. We’d love to talk about it.


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