Three key takeaways from PXUX 2020

This year’s Paytronix User’s Conference was unconventional, to say the least; but thanks to our incredible clients, the first-ever virtual PXUX was a success!  

 Thank you for bringing valuable feedback, nuanced insights and dynamic conversation to the event and making PXUX 2020 one for the books.  

While we would have loved to have gathered, dined and shook hands with each and every one of our clients (PXUX 2021, perhaps?), we know some of you were not available and others might appreciate a recap of the conference’s events. Here is a high-level overview of some of the year’s biggest takeaways.  

1. 25’s a charm. One of Paytronix’ key objectives in 2021 is to reach three pivotal “25s”:  

  • Reach 25 billion guest touch points 
  • Achieve 25% of those touch points using artificial intelligence and 
  • Drive 25% higher impact using these AI touch points 

So, what do these 25s mean? First and foremost, they mean that Paytronix is managing a staggering amount of data – and we’re really excited about it. The team is hard at work, constantly building a better, more robust system that can manage your data better: more efficiently, more effectively, and more meaningfully. 

By using artificial intelligence, Paytronix is able to craft campaigns that are more personalized to each guest. And we know from your data that when guests feel seen and understood, they respond.  

Our goal for 2021 is to deliver your guests’ data to you in more actionable ways. In other words, to give you the tools to make your marketing efforts more successful and ultimately more profitable. We intend to drive 25% higher impact using these AI-driven, personalized campaigns, whether that’s a higher email open rate, a higher click rate, or a higher visit rate.  

2. Say goodbye to the “Scantron Test”, “Sea of Checkboxes,” and the “Infinity Scroll.” Paytronix is revamping the user experience of the Order & Delivery platform by: 

  • Adding modifier image cards to create a highly visual ordering experience 
  • Launching menu search to make those larger menus more manageable (looking at you, convenience stores!) 
  • Enabling multi-variate testing so you can identify the most profitable menu layout for your brand 
  • Creating a user-centric UI/UX that is customizable by you – through easy drag and drop design tools 

This year, the world watched Order & Delivery transition from a convenient sales channel to an absolute must-have. With so many of our clients becoming dependent on off-premise sales, our product team asked themselves how to create a better, cleaner, more enjoyable user experience for your guests.  

We know that the longer and more cumbersome the ordering process, the more likely guests are to abandon their purchase. These changes were designed to enhance customer engagement, which directly correlates to sales. It’s our mission to ensure you optimize how your brand is presented so that you can maximize the sales channel during COVID-19 and beyond. 

3. On the horizon: Subscriptions are coming.  

Netflix is often credited as the company that launched our society’s love for subscriptions. Other companies followed suit in droves: AmazonFresh, Stitch Fix, and’s autoship are just a few. So it should come as no surprise that restaurants and convenience stores want in on the fun.  

Earlier this year, Panera Bread launched a coffee subscription program on the Paytronix platform, boosting guest frequency by 200% and food attachment to coffee orders by 70%. Other brands have found success with different subscription models: HuHot’s Grill Pass generated 30% more visits and 44% more spend.  

Subscriptions promote brand loyalty and drive positive ROI. As these programs take hold in the market and grow, they have the potential to be true driving factors in the valuation of those brands.  

Soon, subscription infrastructure will be available on the Paytronix platform for both restaurants and c-stores, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Keep your eyes open for details! 

We’re already counting the days until PXUX 2021. In the meantime, look for more recaps to be published soon, including key takeaways from expert CEO and CMO panels including top talent from across the country.

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