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How does your loyalty program stack up?

Learn how your program rates against the best in the biz—plus get tips about how to improve it. Paytronix has been providing loyalty solutions and support to top restaurant brands for more than 15 years, and we're offering up some of our best strategies for program growth today.


Reward Programs

    • transactions
      and climbing!

      Customer engagement engine

      The proprietary technology that enables more than 300 active programs is designed for speed, agility, and flexibility. It delivers billions of transactions in real time, setting off a stream of instantaneous engagement actions – accruals and redemptions, messages, surveys, instant wins, and more. 

    • Program design

      One size does not fit all – especially when it comes to program design. What drives your business differs from that of the chain down the street. That’s why we’ve built a system that enables you to get creative and motivate the behavior that drives revenue for your brand. 

    • Promotions

      Your core rewards program motivates visit and spend behavior. When your business needs a boost, get creative with promotions. We’re passionate about promotions and results. Messaging tools and the campaign center deliver more automation and insight into your promotions than ever before. And since it’s all in one interface, training new members of your team is easy.

    • Uptime

      Whether your customers are placing orders online or face-to-face with your cashiers, your rewards program needs to be on point and ready for transactions 24/7. With 99.997% uptime, your IT team, cashiers, servers, and operations team will have confidence that your customers will be able to earn and redeem rewards at their convenience. 

      • Mobile platform

        Customers expect an exceptional brand experience – whether it’s having a conversation with your staff or placing an order remotely. Mobile apps, mobile messaging, mobile responsive web pages, and mobile payment all deliver an extension of your brand anywhere, anytime. We’ve got exactly what you need for a successful, high-impact rewards program.

      • iOS and Android apps

        Engage guests on the one channel they always have on hand with an iOS or Android mobile application. Enable your guests to find your location, check their account balance, and pay for meals with just a few swipes. An ever-growing feature set means an ideal mobile-centric experience for your customers. 

      • Mobile responsive web pages

        Customers will likely interact with your brand via their mobile device. Those interactions have to match expectations on both the apps and your website. Mobile responsive web pages that enable customers to register for your program, check reward balances, combine accounts, add related guests, and update their demographic information are critical to delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

      • Mobile ordering

        Customers crave the convenience of ordering remotely and then either picking up or having their order delivered. We integrate with online ordering partners to deliver an ideal customer experience on both mobile websites and apps. View our online ordering partners here. If you don’t see the partner you’re looking for, integration can be done easily with our published API.

      • Mobile payment

        Mobile payment solutions include virtual wallets, such as Android Pay and Apple Pay. Our proprietary Pay-at-the-Table solution offers ultimate convenience by enabling guests to pay and leave when they’re ready. And stored-value payment and recharge provides the perfect payment option for high-volume, low priced checks – it’s the Starbucks® model.  

        • Point of sale

          Your program’s core functionality is tied to your partner’s integration with your point of sale system. Quickly identify customers and connect them with their transactions. Give them the points and rewards they’ve earned in real time. Since we support more than 30 POS integrations, you can switch your system without interrupting the experience for your most loyal customers. 

        • Various POS environments

          More than 30 different POS system integrations deliver three distinct benefits. First our experience ensures that the integration is reliable and does everything it can to prevent fraud. Second, if you change POS providers in the future, your rewards software can remain. Third, operating a mixed POS environment poses no problems.

        • Identifying the customer

          Creating an exceptional guest experience means making program participation convenient. Identify your customer at the POS by looking up the telephone number or email address, using a mobile check-in code, scanning a mobile app, or swiping a member card. It’s fast and easy for both the customer and the cashier. The visit transaction is also tied to the individual instantly.

        • Real-time accruals and redemptions

          If there’s one thing that all millennials have in common, it’s the expectation of instant gratification. Paytronix delivers – instantly. As soon as the check is closed, points are accrued and redeemed in real time. Plus, an instant message can be triggered based on the POS transaction, such as "how did you like that new salad item you just purchased".

          • Campaign center

            Imagine having the details of your campaigns in one location and being able to answer the question “would these customers have visited anyway?” The easy-to-navigate data-visualization tools bring useful, actionable data to the user’s fingertips. Learn fast and send campaigns in minutes.

          • Segmentation

            Achieving 1-to-1 communication has never been easier. Segment guests based on over 52 dimensions, including predictive analytics. Account filters make it simple to send relevant campaigns to your customers.  

          • Campaign results

            See the results of recurring campaigns in one view. The system assesses the campaign’s efficacy for you by displaying the visits and spending generated over time. We call these Eat-Thru Statistics℠. 

          • Target and control campaigns

            Quickly answer the question “would these customers have come in anyway?” with a target and control campaign and the accompanying data-visualization tools. You can easily select a target audience, tell the system what percentage to hold out for a control group, and then quickly act on the results.