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Email Marketing

Multi-channel messaging

Increase your marketing reach by adding channels that reach your customers in the buying decision moment. Geofencing and real time messages are triggered based on your customers’ behavior, enabling you to be at the right place, at the right time, with a visit-motivating message.


List building

We make it easy for your customers to join. Plus, you get to market to them immediately! Compelling members to join your email club means simplifying the process, whether they’re visiting your store or visiting your website.

Text to Join: Customers simply text their email address to your brand’s keyword, instantly opting into your program.

Mobile Responsive Web Form: You can link to the form from your existing site or integrate the fields to your pages – it’s up to you. Either way, you’ll capture new email club members when they visit your site.

Mobile App: Customers can join your club after downloading your customized app, which will also help them find you.

Ecosystem Opportunities: Tie opt-ins to other systems, such as your reservation service, Wi-Fi login, and online ordering system.


Real-time and automatic campaigns

Engage your customers on a regular basis with email marketing. With real-time campaigns, our system will automatically deploy messages to your customers based on your business rules. Send them a message as soon as they redeem an offer, when they cross a radius around your locations, or on their birthday. Our system works hard to maintain and grow your customer relationships. Just set it and forget it.


Customer survey

Save time on collecting customer sentiment with a built-in survey solution. No more moving data between systems – deploy the message, collect and analyze results, and view individual responses with Paytronix.


Local store marketing

Give your local store managers the power to spread the word about the exciting events happening on the store level while maintaining your carefully crafted brand standards.


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