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Comp Programs

Lowered tax liability

Comp cards are tracked separately from your gift card program, enabling your accounting team to properly categorize comp dollars. Redeemed as a discount, comp cards reduce the restaurant’s tax liability rather than mixing it in with revenue.


Flexible Employee Dining Programs

You’ll have the ability to specify discount amounts by employee. Accounts can be automatically reloaded with a fixed maximum value to be consumed during a given period of time.


Tailored options for guest win-back

Win back dissatisfied guests with a sincere apology and an easy-to-redeem comp card. With a Paytronix comp card program, you can set an expiration date for the comp dining offer and select an exact amount, menu item, or discount rate for a subsequent visit.


Powerful guest acquisition

Use comp cards to acquire new guests. Great for assessing promotion impact, comp cards give you the ability to extend limited-time offers to new guests while controlling fraud and attributing results to specific initiatives.


Automatic tracking of redemption

Comp programs are integrated with your POS system. When a guest or employee presents a comp card for redemption, it is swiped. The appropriate amount is then removed from the check and deducted from the comp account in real time.

Reports give your team an accurate accounting of comp dollars allocated during custom fiscal periods that are customized to align with your restaurant’s specific accounting periods. Comp expenses can be easily reconciled, controlled, and reported.


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