The Next Level of Loyalty

Today's savvy restaurants and c-stores are taking a page from the playbooks of media, entertainment, fitness, and fashion brands by offering subscriptions. Why? Benefits in customer loyalty, increases in sales and brand differentiation.  

In fact, 34% of Americans say they will increase the number of subscriptions they use over the next two years. 

How can you get started? This e-book lays out the basics of subscriptions, from the key advantages to the types of subscription models to consider.

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Thinking Beyond with Blaine Hurst & Andrew Robbins
A Conversation Between Two Restaurant Industry Masters

Listen in on this exclusive 40-minute conversation between two industry masters. Host and restaurant insider Arjun Sen, will guide this latest conversation between Blaine Hurst, former CEO Panera Bread and Andrew Robbins, CEO Paytronix. The two will share learnings from their 12-year professional relationship, dive into current events, and reveal their thoughts on the future of the industry. It's happening on January 26 at 1 p.m. ET, register now!