Restaurant Loyalty: Building a Recession-Proof Brand

The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced many restaurants to temporarily change their business model to takeout only; but it's unclear how guest behavior will change when the stay-home advisories have been lifted. Fears of germs and an impending recession loom large.

Following the economic crisis of 2008, loyalty programs boomed, growing by 19% between 2007 and 2009 and driving consumers back to brands that were offering the best deals to stretch their budgets further. The same programs will be just as pivotal in seeing restaurants through the uncertain times that lie ahead, and how those programs are leveraged will determine which brands come out of the pandemic on top.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • Why loyalty programs are a lifeline through turbulent financial times
  • Ways to drive profits with budget-conscious consumers
  • Using order and delivery to reach a wider consumer base
  • How to make your brand stand above the rest



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Subscriptions: The Next Level in Loyalty

What kind of loyalty program helped Panera Bread drive 100,000 signups in a single day? In a word: subscriptions.

Companies that have launched subscription programs find a significant boost to their incremental sales. Panera saw a 70% increase in food attachment by subscribers.

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