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Restaurant Gift Card Sales Report 2022

This report includes data from 26 million gift card sales, analyzing the performance of gift cards across in-store, corporate, and third-party channels.

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The 2022 Paytronix Restaurant Gift Card Sales Report analyzed more than 26 million gift card purchases to provide a comparison of sales by channel, including in-store, third-party retail, and corporate sales. All data is sourced from gift card sales processed by Paytronix. 

The report includes the following key findings: 

  • Total 2021 gift card purchases were up significantly from 2020 but have yet to reach 2019 sales. 
  • 2021 holiday gift card sales showed an even stronger bounce back, but even with a longer holiday season sales did not match 2019’s.   
  • Digital card sales in 2021 were the highest they’ve been in the years covered by this report. QSRs saw the least effect from the pandemic and subsequently had the smallest bounce back. Family and Fine Dining type restaurants, on the other hand, saw sharp increases in the number of cards sold year over year. 

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OO Report 2023 Hero
Explore how digital ordering has evolved in the new 2023 Online Ordering Report
Full of valuable insights for any brand with an online presence, the 2023 Online Ordering Report explores industry trends across the digital landscape, with a focus on sales, guest experience, fulfillment methods and guest retention. Key trends analyzed include:
  • 30.7% digital orders as a percentage of total orders 
  • 11.3% average increase in digital order price 
  • 35% percent more loyalty members on average use first-party ordering vs. third-party ordering

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