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Restaurant Gift Card Sales Report: 2021

Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted restaurant gift card sales in 2020 in this new report.

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Designed to identify the latest trends in restaurant gift card sales and help restaurant marketing executives compare results to others in the industry, use trends for planning inventory, and gain insight into how channel sales contribute to the growth of gift card sales programs, the Paytronix Gift Card Sales Report analyzed more than 190 restaurant brands' stored value program data. The restaurant service types included in the data set are multiunit quick-service, fast-casual, casual dining, and fine dining. The report provides a comparison of sales by channel, including in-store, third-party retail, and corporate sales. All data is sourced from gift card sales processed by Paytronix between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2020.

The report includes the following key findings:

  • The number of restaurant gift cards sold across service types fell 31.8% year over year.
  • QSRs were the ultimate victors in 2020, capturing upwards of 60% of the restaurant gift card market. 
  • More than 45% of restaurant gift cards sold in 2020 were sold during the holiday season. 
  • In-store sales realized the smallest decline in number of cards sold of any sales channel in 2020. 

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Our Annual Loyalty Report Is Now Available.

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