Operating During COVID-19 Guidebook

3 Huge Trends That Will Drive the Restaurant Industry Through the Pandemic
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Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, efforts toward “flattening the curve” often seemed to imply we just needed to hunker down for a few months so we could get back to normal quickly. Now we know that what we’re truly facing isn’t a brief lockdown: it’s a system-wide change in perspective and habits that requires different thinking and strategies.

Finding success in the "new normal" will require adopting new strategies, implementing new technologies, and embracing change. In this e-book, find statistics on the current restaurant landscape, critical guest engagement tools, and three major trends that will shape the future of the restaurant industry. 

Annual Loyalty Report: 2021
Loyalty programs shone through as one of the key survival tools

The first annual Paytronix Loyalty Report examines trends across the loyalty landscape in both restaurants and convenience stores throughout 2020