Is your loyalty program ready for 2023? 

Lifecycle of a loyalty program

Launch: Get Buy In from Top Down
Step 1
Launch: Design a Program
Step 2
Launch: Develop Program Ambassadors
Step 3
Launch: Launch the Program
Step 4
Launch: Set Automated Messages
Step 5
Launch: Membership Push
Step 6
Launch: March to Critical Mass
Step 7
Engage: Begin Targeted Promotions
Step 8
Engage: Add Win-Back Campaign
Step 9
Analyze & Add: Analyze Results
Step 10
Analyze & Add: Add New Features
Step 11
Analyze and Add: Modify Program Design
Step 12
CLV Data Brief Gift 2
Unwrap Customer Lifetime Value this Winter

Major brands like Disney and Amazon know their customers' value backwards and forwards. But this valuable metric isn't reserved just for multi-billion dollar brands. Thanks to readily available data, now restaurants and convenience stores can calculate this powerful metric as well.

Read this research brief from our Data Insights team and see how you can better understand the value of each of your customers before the New Year.


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