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Share The Love: Mastering Guest Engagement

Mr. Pickles and Ike’s Love and Sandwiches Capture Hearts eBook

Share Love Hero

Restaurant marketers know they need loyalty programs. They also know they need to get the most out of the data, control their own online ordering platform, own the CRM and leverage a mobile app. But how do you make all of those work together to go beyond the parts and create a much stronger whole? How do you make all these pieces work together to execute a true digital engagement strategy that meets guests where they are, as individuals?

In this ebook you will learn:

  • How to align the pieces of the digital guest engagement stack for effective marketing
  • What to look for when it comes to tech adoption and change management
  • Why a single platform can ensure a stronger program that keeps guests returning

A well designed digital guest engagement strategy is the key to increasing revenue and building a strong brand for the future. We’ll help you learn how to make that a reality.


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