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Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop sees immediate 25% jump in digital sales with Paytronix Order & Delivery

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Unifying the Digital and Physical Guest Experience

A fast-growing chain, Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop needed a specialized and flexible platform that would align its digital and physical channels to create a seamless guest experience. Paytronix enabled the brand to refresh its online image and drive loyalty program enrollment within just a month of launch. With a customized white-label app, Paytronix helped Mr. Pickles get to know its current customers and attract new ones. Now, the brand has tech that’s ready to grow with it.

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The Benefits of One Platform

Soon after launching Paytronix Loyalty, Order & Delivery, Mobile, and Gift at its 46 locations, the company saw an immediate 25% jump in digital sales. The company saw impressively early numbers:

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“Going with the full Paytronix platform provides our guests with a frictionless experience across our entire business no matter how they choose to interact with us, Our guests can now see everything in a clean, well-presented way that enables them to get exactly what they want.”

Chris Schefler, Director of Brand Management Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop
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