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Filling 1,800 orders per week with Online Ordering

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The Filling Company is a gas station and convenience store with freshly prepared food and hand-crafted espresso drinks.

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From chicken wings to acai bowls to handcrafted beverages, The Filling Company has everything and the team wanted to make all that available online. But making such an exhaustive menu available through first and third-party ordering can lead to complicated operations. Before adopting Paytronix marketplace management, staff manually copied every third-party order into the POS. Worse, any price or item changes required updating each vendor and the resulting receipts issues sometimes confused the staff. At the rate orders were coming in, staff focused less on off-site customer service. The brand needed powerful tools that could simplify management, while still making everything available.

Unparalleled Digital Convenience

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Streamlined Operations
With Paytronix Menu Management tools, The Filling Company is operating more efficiently than ever. Receipts are the same across all third parties and orders flow seamlessly into the POS. That’s resulting in more accurate orders and better communications between the location and the third-party ordering apps.

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Since launching Paytronix Online Ordering, The Filling Company is averaging 1,800 orders per week. Between its three locations, the brand leverages third-party aggregators to shop for center-store items while customers can order directly for made-to-order items. Menu syncing enables the brand to markup prices to offset third-party fees and instantly change inventory to reflect out-of-stocks.

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Personalized Feedback
Paytronix Guest Surveys enable The Filling Company to follow up with a dissatisfied customer in a matter of seconds. The auto-write tool equips store managers with the right responses and offers to win a customer back.

“Paytronix has enhanced every aspect of our off-premises experience, making customers feel as if they were walking into one of our stores. Accounting headaches are gone, menus on every channel are easier to manage than ever, and customers are responding to emails thanking us for addressing any mishaps.”

John Rubino
CEO The Filling Company

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