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Captain D’s Increases Spend and Frequency 17% with Text-to-Join Program Enrollment

The Challenge

While Captain D’s saw great results from the initial rollout, loyalty registration rates were low, reaching only 9 to 10 percent. To make the program really successful, Captain D’s knew it had to get more enrolled guests to register using their email address and contact information, which would ensure that marketing could regularly engage guests on a one-to-one basis.


Loyalty Penetration Requires Enrollment Changes

Captain D’s main method of enrolling guests was an issue. Cashiers had been enrolling them at the point-of-sale (POS) system, and then the guests were required to go online at a later time to fill in 19 fields of information to complete the registration. Wanting to streamline the process, Captain D’s asked Paytronix to build a new SMS text-to-join feature.

With a powerful text-to-join feature now incorporated, Captain D’s cashiers simply enroll new members by entering their cell number in the POS. An immediate text then asks them to reply back with their email address, which Paytronix attaches to the new loyalty account. 

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No longer needing to go online, guests can simply provide a phone number and email address for instant registration.

“Once Captain D’s has the email address, then we can market to the guest—filling in birthdays and the rest of the personal information later. Paytronix got the tool up and running quickly, and helped improve the guest experience with loyalty tremendously.”

Bob Kraut, Chief Marketing Officer Captain D’s, LLC

Text-to-Join Boosts Enrollment by Making the Process Easier, Putting Loyalty Front and Center

Increased spend and frequency — Captain D’s saw a 17% increase in spend and frequency from loyalty members.

Higher enrollment — After just six weeks of the new text-to-join program, Captain D’s grew its registration rates by 300%.

Simplified process — The guest experience with Paytronix has been very positive. Guests like the loyalty program, and the loyalty enrollment process is fast and easy for employees.

Ready-made promotions — Captain D’s has also put a text-to-join number on printed receipts, tabletop displays, and other marketing. The results for those are even higher, with a 60% registration rate from guests who see the printed promotions and initiate text-to-join.


“Captain D’s loyalty program helps us understand our guests’ purchase behavior and incent our loyalty members to visit us more frequently through targeted offers and specials. Guests in the loyalty program are more engaged, which further allows the program to be successful.”

Bob Kraut, Chief Marketing Officer Captain D’s, LLC

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