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Season 1 of Who's John Podcast is complete! Check out all 18 episodes below and stay tuned for Season 2.  -John


Monica Minford, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at HuHot Mongolian Grill, dishes up insights on the HuHot rewards program, successful campaigns, and more.


Joined by green and gold level members, we sit down and get it all out on the table to analyze the Starbucks Reward Program. 

*Disclaimer: Paytronix is not affliated with Starbucks, or other brands mentioned in this podcast, nor is this podcast sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands.


 In our not so spooky Halloween episode, we discuss the restaurant delivery industry. Tune in to learn about the four things you need to consider before jumping into the delivery space.


Leverage the power of predictive analytics and increase the value of your marketing campaigns. Marketers can use data to predict future guest behavior, like visiting the restaurant or opening an email. Tune in and hear all about it!


In episode 14, we discuss the set of 9 tried and true golden standard campaigns that every marketer needs to have. Tune in and discover the recurring campaigns that will set your brand up for success.


Curated partnerships deliver stronger platforms, connect guests on a more personalized level, and help move brands forward at a faster pace. Tune in to listen to our product manager of channel and strategic integrations speak about all of the interesting avenues partnerships can offer companies and brands get to know their customers better.


'Sota style pizza? Yes, please! We speak with Reed Daniels, President of Red's Savoy Pizza, during PXUX 2018 to find out how they successfully rebranded while staying in touch with their roots.


Live from PXUX, Barb Millette joins us to discuss how Bloomin' Brands measures their rewards program success. Bloomin' Brands owns Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, and Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar.


Live from PXUX 2018, Keith Canseco shared with us how he aims to make every guest feel like a VIP through reward program efforts. Tune in to here from a 2018 Paytronix Loyaltees winner.


This episode offers tips for avoiding mass marketing with your messages. Tune in for advice on how to send more personalized messages to your guests.


Curious what an ultra-loyalist has to say about the Dunkin' Donuts loyalty program? Tune in to learn why Dunkin' has won the heart of a critical loyalty program guru and how their campaigns excel for a coffee brand.

*Disclaimer: Paytronix is not affiliated with Dunkin' Brands, or other brands mentioned in this podcast, nor is this podcast sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands.


The more avenues you offer for program enrollment, the higher chances you'll have of knowing 100% of your guests. Learn how to enroll more guests in episode 7 with Aubrey, one of our awesome technology consultants!


We've heard it before - "we don't need a loyalty program" or "a mobile app is our strategy." Wrong! Myth busters from our former sales rep sets our myths straight. Tune in.


Understanding data and finding the goldmine is key for restaurant success. This episode is a data special, highlighting what the Data Insights team at Paytronix is all about.


Previously the Director of Brand Management at Togo's Eateries, Leslie Lopez now digs deep into client data with Paytronix as our newest data strategist. Leslie shares her memorable experience at Togo's and how she plans to bring a new perspective to the Paytronix data insights team.


We know it's summertime and the holidays are the last thing on your mind... but it's essential to start thinking about the holiday gift card season now. Our data shows, you should be ready to go by November 1st, so tune in and get the low-down on all things cards.


Mobile is changing the restaurant landscape drastically. Join us in our second episode for mobile madness in the marketing closet to learn that it's more than just an app.


We reveal who John is and explore the importance of knowing 100% of your guests. Michelle Tempesta, Head of Marketing at Paytronix, joins us in our first ever episode.


Live from the marketing closet, Who's John podcast brings new and refreshing insights on the evolving landscape of the customer experience today. Each week, experts in the space will share their knowledge on a breadth of topics that will allow you to better engage with your guests. So…Who’s John? Tune in weekly to find out.


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