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Add Loyalty & Gift Cards to your Storefront

Build customer loyalty and increase commission-free sales from your website with a Loyalty & Gift Card program from Paytronix.

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Loyalty Program

Guests accrue points per visit and get point updates via email and checkout page.

Doordash Loyalty

Gift Cards

Guests can add a gift card when they sign into their account or during checkout.

Doordash Gift Cards


Icon Experience
Elevate the Customer Experience
Make customers feel appreciated by rewarding them with the joy of accruing and redeeming loyalty points and use gift cards in-store or online.
Icon Sales
Increase Sales
Encourage more orders and retain customers! Loyalty members visit more often and spend more per visit. Gift cards are a great way to attract new customers and encourage returning guests.
Icon Connect
Connect with Customers
A loyalty program helps you communicate directly with customers and send personalized deals or offers so they’ll keep coming back.

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