Why Paytronix launched Contactless Dining

This week, we announced the launch of Paytronix Contactless Dining, a unique digital ordering platform built as a direct response to the challenges restaurants face during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The platform uniquely identifies guests’ location using a QR code that doubles as a link to an online menu. From there, guests can place orders via a direct integration to the POS and KDS.

Unlike platforms repurposed from takeout ordering, Paytronix Contactless Dining is built around the dine-in experience, including enabling guests to order multiple rounds or courses while keeping an open tab that they’ll close at the end of the meal. This both eliminates friction for the guest and keeps transaction costs low for restaurants.

A new way of dining

Paytronix Contactless Dining reflects a fundamentally different guest experience than traditional off-premise digital ordering. The many small touches of hospitality make eating at a restaurant special – and digital dine-in ordering should be no different.

Hospitality is rooted in respect. In today’s climate, that means interacting with the guest in whatever way puts them most at ease. Restaurants are a hub of community, socialization, and lately, a sense of normalcy that we all crave; but many feel a level of conflict. The diners may want to sit down for a meal, but how can they feel safe while doing so? 

Contactless options provide an extra level of comfort and safety for guests, and to be truly effective, those options should be as seamless as the traditional dining experience was a few months ago. Guests will respond to restaurants that remove the clunkiness of the ordering process.

That’s why the Contactless Dining platform was designed as independent technology solution. It creates a frictionless guest experience by taking responsibility off the guest: the responsibility of identifying their location in the restaurant; of ordering an entire meal in advance; of making multiple payments over the course of a single dining experience.

People are resilient, and restaurants are too fundamental a piece of our culture to be forsaken. We’ll all continue to support our favorite restaurants, and we hope that Paytronix Contactless Dining is useful in allowing all guests to do so.

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