Where’d They Go? 4 Steps for Winning Back Lapsed Guests

The reality is sad but true: A certain percentage of your regular customers will stop visiting. After a few months have gone by, these previously loyal customers will become lapsed customers.

But instead of mourning these customers as permanently lost, you can take just a few simple steps to win them back – and perhaps even make them more loyal than before!

A well-executed win-back strategy not only prevents those lapsed customers from disappearing forever, but can represent some real financial wins in both the short and long term. Here’s how to create your own successful win-back plan:

Segment for success. - You can’t reach your lapsed customers unless you know who they are. Use customer data to segment out a group that hasn’t visited in a while so that you can send promotions just to them. After all, if you send offers to your whole customer list, you’ll end up losing money on the segments that would have visited anyway. By sending your win-back deals only to your lapsed customers, you can be sure that any income is incremental.


Learn more about the value of “We Miss You” campaigns and start winning back your lapsed guests today.

Grace Bonacum

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Grace joined the marketing team full-time in August after interning for Paytronix back in 2016. She is passionate about producing meaningful content for businesses, planning successful trade shows, and more.

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