Contactless Payments

Cash isn’t always King.

Keep your customers and employees safe and satisfied with our contactless payments solutions. With enhanced Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations, transactions are fast, easy, safe and secure for all.

One tap, two taps, no taps more.

Going contactless doesn’t mean sacrificing your service. On the contrary, NFC tap usage not only makes for faster lines but easier loyalty set-up and redemption. With pass creation capability you simply add loyalty cards to your digital wallet with a tap.

  • Drive incremental visits and reward program registrations
  • Easier reward redemptions and data capture
  • Link to websites, apps and pass loyalty cards quickly
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The average spend vs. legacy loyalty customers.
Kick it, curbside.

Keep your business, busy and your customers coming back with new geo-fencing capabilities. Now when they’re in your area you can alert them to your best offers driving incremental visits. It’s cutting edge technology for your curbside business.

  • Seamless online or in-app ordering
  • Fast, safe POS payment for quick pick-ups
  • Easy to set-up, easy to use for increases guest convenience
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Dine in, in safety.

Contactless dining lets you offer your guests the opportunity to dine in-house and enjoy the ambiance of your restaurant in a way they’ll feel comfortable. Customers simply place orders, open tabs, and pay online using their mobile devices minimizing contact with your servers. 

  • Give customers a night out while gracefully adjusting to new social distancing rules
  • Combine the ease of online ordering with the true dining experience of enjoying your establishment
  • Connects seamlessly to your POS system and loyalty programs to streamline operations
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Improve CSAT, stat.

When your customers pay using NFC, money is not the only thing being exchanged. Our integrations bundle the financial and loyalty transactions instantly passing information allowing for more rewarding experiences and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Instantly ID guests and pass all loyalty information with one touch
  • Capture more personal data to enhance targeted offerings driving repeat purchases
  • Alert both customer and cashier to reward status for instant gratification
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Safe, secure and satisfied.

Contactless transactions not only interfere with virus transmission, they also are super secure as all payment processing is handled on the app through Apple Pay or Google Pay. And two-factor authentication keeps customers confident in their safety.

  • Bank-level security with no storage of actual card numbers
  • Two-factor authentication using one-time dynamic, security code
  • Greater peace-of-mind for your customers
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