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Drives 50% Increase in Loyalty Registrations

Membership drive boosts participation

Because members of Uncle Julio’s Amigo Especial Loyalty Program were spending more than unregistered guests, increasing membership in the program meant more happy guests redeeming rewards and incremental sales for Uncle Julio’s. 


The Solution:

Leveraging the high-traffic holiday season, Uncle Julio’s launched a loyalty registration drive to boost membership. The new campaign specifically focused on employees—with built-in incentives to adjust the behavior of servers who weren’t talking about the program. The employee-focused Registration Drive rewarded servers with prizes for signing up new loyalty program members.  

Uncle Julio's Solution

On average, 31 stores registered 2,000 people each to increase Uncle Julio’s loyalty base!

  • 54,000 new guests signed up during the three-month campaign – a better than 50% increase to the 100,000 guests already enrolled.
  • 47,000 of those new loyalty members completed a full registration for a registration rate above 90% during this drive.
Uncle Julio's Results

Weekly cash bonuses were awarded to those who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in loyalty signups by store/location. Servers also earned raffle tickets for bigger, global prizes across the entire Uncle Julio’s chain, such as Apple smartwatches and big-screen TVs, which proved to be an effective motivator. Uncle Julio’s gave away $15,000 in total prizes. Manager prizes were given for the store that had the highest number of signups overall.

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Uncle Julio’s Drives 50% Increase in Loyalty Registrations by Motivating Competitive Servers with Fun Prizes

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“We now have daily activity reports from Paytronix, giving check-level detail associated to our loyalty accounts, all reconciled with Aloha. This level of loyalty detail allows the Uncle Julio's team to perform and leverage in-house analytics that simply wouldn’t be possible without Paytronix.” — Paul Marrero, System Administrator, Uncle Julio’s

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