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The Modern Customer Journey: Keeping Guests Engaged Before, During, and After the Transaction

When a potential guest is planning their next dining out meal, what are you doing to ensure they pick one of your stores versus a competitor? What tools do you leverage to provide each guest with the best possible experience interacting with your brand? How do you communicate with guests post-meal to entice them to return again soon? 
Today's technology provides marketers with a unique opportunity to keep their customers connected with their brand before, during, or after the transaction and in this webinar you'll learn what tools to use and how to leverage them to keep every customer connected whether they're in your stores, just finished their meal, or are in-between planned visits.
Here are a few of the insights you'll take away from this presentation:
  • How to segment your audience and send targeted messages to entice guests to visit your brand next
  • What technologies you should incorporate into your guest engagement strategy to ensure your customers have a desirable and convenient experience with your brand.
  • New insights into how to best keep guests engaged as soon as they finish their meal.

Enjoy the webinar! 

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