The Amazon Effect: How to Compete in the New World of Convenience

“Convenience Stores Might Not Be Amazon Proof”

The quote above was recently a headline of an article in eMarketer retail where they questioned whether convenience stores really are Teflon to Amazon or if they can fall prey to the large brand making its way into the industry. While we won’t know for sure what will happen, we can prepare and move into the new convenience world to provide the best customer experience possible – something Amazon excels at.

In this webinar, we will discuss the tools available to c-stores to fend off the threats of Amazon and how brands can shift from the standard model of convenience to the new digitized world to connect with customers outside the box.

Join us to learn:

-        How to use technology as a strategic advantage to build customer loyalty.

-        Why you should be connecting the digital to the physical store locations.

-        Mastering the “last block” to provide the highest level of convenience to customers.

Enjoy the webinar!

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Subscriptions: The Next Level in Loyalty

What kind of loyalty program helped Panera Bread drive 100,000 signups in a single day? In a word: subscriptions.

Companies that have launched subscription programs find a significant boost to their incremental sales. Panera saw a 70% increase in food attachment by subscribers.

Download the ebook Subscriptions: The Next Level in Loyalty to learn everything from the the key advantages to the types of subscription models to consider.