Paytronix-Powered Brewniversity App Modernizes Loyalty Program

boosts guest registration 400%—with loyalty members spending 15% more than non-members

Unreliable data quality hinders loyalty program upgrades

25-year-old Taco Mac’s Brewniversity loyalty program suffered from lengthy data backups that generated unreliable data quality. Printing out beer history for program members took the POS system down for up to 10 minutes causing service delays across the restaurant. To ensure data quality and add new feature(s), Taco Mac needed a new loyalty platform.

Paytronix Takes Brewniversity Program Mobile

Once Taco Mac had migrated to the Paytronix Reward Platform, it added a mobile app, which quickly attracted a broader audience to the program. Guests are visiting and spending more, and marketing is running new promotions and contests, using the Paytronix dashboards to view results and make modifications in real-time.

Today, members can earn Brewniversity credits by completing a variety of purchase and visit behaviors, including mini beer tours, and half credits for five-ounce “nooner” beers. With the ability to target rewards to specific behaviors, Taco Mac motivates behavior by adding urgency and appealing limited time offers to its program.

Paytronix Mobile Platform Benefits

More reliable data facilitates highly personalized guest experience — attracting more members with engaging offers that drive increased sales and repeat visits.

Simple to engage mobile app encourages customers to enroll, identify themselves, and view their beer history alongside real-time status updates to earn beer degree and rewards.

Rich guest profiles enable marketing to deliver targeted, one-to-one promotions using in-app messages and real-time email.

POS integration with reward program prevents system from halting with each reward transaction.

Visibility at POS allows bartenders to easily view member accounts on POS screen, make suggestions and drive higher checks and tips.

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Paytronix-Powered Brewniversity App Modernizes Loyalty Program

“Paytronix gave us the flexibility we needed with our loyalty program, so our marketing team can stay creative. In any given week, we’re testing new promotions or sending a survey out to our Chancellor level loyalty members by email or push messaging.”  -Chris Ray, Vice President of Information Technology, Taco Mac Restaurant Group

| Taco Mac Case Study
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