Summer Gift Card Series: How Did Your 2019 Stack Up?

For some, your gift card process is a well-oiled machine and you are ready for peak gift card season.  For others, the mention of gift cards may have caused your anxiety levels to rise and if your 2019 gift card program wasn't what you expected, now is the time to consider making a switch.  Join us for this webinar where we'll share insights from the 2020 Paytronix Gift Card Report to help you know if your performance measures up.

In this first of a three-part webinar series you'll learn:

  • Industry benchmarks for 2019 gift card sales
  • Why you should start planning for the holiday season now

Enjoy the webinar.

Check out this on-demand webinar
Why Brands Like Panera are Winning Big With Subscriptions

Subscriptions are everywhere you turn – from streaming video platforms to pet and beauty supplies.  As consumers have become used to interacting with subscriptions in nearly every aspect of their daily lives, restaurants too have a great opportunity to capitalize on this trend.


Watch this webinar to learn more about how subscriptions helped Panera see visit frequency growth of more than 200% and a 70% increase in food attachment - and how you can too.