Peet’s Coffee Brews Up 350% Increase in Members with Relaunch of Peetnik Rewards on Paytronix Platform
Focus on the Guest Experience

The initial Peet’s Coffee Peetnik Rewards program was constrained by an unreliable platform that frequently crashed, causing a loss of trust among both customers and store teams.

Paytronix migrated all existing Peet’s loyalty members onto the Paytronix platform in one night. With a highly stable app, Paytronix helped Peet’s win back the trust of both its customers and team members. Peet’s then expanded the program to its more than 240 coffeebar locations.

Achieving Marketing Goals with One-to-One Customer Engagement

More Impactful Marketing: With new insights on member frequency, Peet’s motivates members to increase their weekly visits from three times a week to four or five.

Add Another Measure: Paytronix helped Peet’s assess a cold brew offer, looking at both the specific item and the cross-menu impact of the promotion. Just six months after the Paytronix integration, Peet’s saw the following results:

  • Peetnik Rewards membership increased by 350%.
  • Loyalty check penetration increased by 47%.
  • A top-performing offer was responsible for more than 1.5% of retail comp sales.
  • A positive relationship between loyalty penetration and traffic trends was maintained at the regional and district levels.
  • Peetnik Rewards digital gift cards drove 47% of the total gift card business growth in 2017.

“Before Paytronix, Peet’s was guessing at offers and had minimal insight into its loyalty program performance. With Paytronix, Peet’s tests and measures everything with control groups, and we talk with our team about how best to structure offers. We can see how frequently customers come in and what they like to buy, and then target campaigns in a more one-to-one manner based on their lifecycle stage and behavior.”

Lisa Regelman, Director, Loyalty Peet's Coffee

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