How to Prepare for Next Generation Online Ordering

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In today’s environment, where every restaurant and c-store brand is competing for guests’ digital business, online ordering platforms are rapidly becoming more sophisticated. Download this webinar to learn about the newest features and differentiators hitting the market, how they’ll impact the guest experience, and which will be critical to your brand’s relevance and success.

In this 15-minute session, find a high-level overview of the following topics: 

  • Artifical intelligence-drive menu testing
  • Intelligent cross-sell recommendations
  • Analytics dashboards that pull KPIs in real time
  • Seamless integrations with Google, loyalty, and more



Revolutionize your campaigns.
Learn how AI is redefining loyalty marketing.

Today's leading brands are using artificial intelligence to segment guests effectively, predict consumer behavior, and tailor one-to-one communications that drive individual actions.