How to be a Long-Term Success as a Restaurant Marketer

How can you set yourself up for long-term success when there is an ever-increasing number of competing interests for your time and resources?

For this 40-minute webinar, loyalty expert Jessica Shelcusky will be joined by Arjun Sen. Arjun is a corporate insider who puts brands of all sizes on the path to Win Big. Arjun was the VP of Marketing & Operations at Papa John’s, where he built their online business and led the chain to 4-years of record growth. Today, as a CMO whisperer, he helps CXOs of high impact brands to take their brands to the highest level.

Join Jessica and Arjun, for a webinar that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Here are a few of the insights you’ll take away from this presentation:

-          Reasons for the 2-3 year life-cycle of a CMO

-          The challenges CMOs face and how to overcome them

-          Why aligning with the right partners is crucial for success

There’s no hard and fast rule numbering the days in your role, tune in to this webinar and set yourself up for the long-term.

Check out this on-demand webinar
Why Brands Like Panera are Winning Big With Subscriptions

Subscriptions are everywhere you turn – from streaming video platforms to pet and beauty supplies.  As consumers have become used to interacting with subscriptions in nearly every aspect of their daily lives, restaurants too have a great opportunity to capitalize on this trend.


Watch this webinar to learn more about how subscriptions helped Panera see visit frequency growth of more than 200% and a 70% increase in food attachment - and how you can too.