Gen Z 101: How Restaurants Can Provide the Experience They Crave

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This year, Gen Z became the largest age demographic in the United States.  While they may be young now, relationships and brand affinity formed during this time can build loyal relationships down the road. This generation grew up in a world full of technology and convenience that much of the previous generation of millennials didn’t experience until adulthood, leading them to have different expectations when it comes to the restaurant experience.  What do you need to know to appeal to this younger group, and how do they differ from the generations that came before them?

Join this webinar on Tuesday, August 6 @ 1 pm ET, “Gen Z 101:  How Restaurants Can Provide the Experience They Crave to learn more about this generation as they come of age and begin to increase their spending power.

Here are a few of the insights you'll take away from this presentation:

  • Why Gen Z matters now
  • Gen Z preferences toward order and delivery
  • What you need to know to prepare

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about tomorrow’s loyal guests, today.

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