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New, targeted pump-to-store promotions increased in-store visits by 5% and gallons purchased by 18%.
Lack of Customer Data and Limited Technology Stalled Program Growth

FriendShip’s previous loyalty program provider employed the one-size-fits-all approach of offering cents off per gallon, but that didn’t achieve the company’s goals. Additionally, limited customer data and an inability to send targeted emails made it difficult to promote FriendShip Kitchen and grow in-store food purchases. To deliver greater impact for the brand, FriendShip partnered with Paytronix to roll out a program that would increase membership and participation.

A Successful Transition Leads to a 28.5% Loyalty Penetration Rate

Paytronix worked with FriendShip to carefully craft a strategic membership program that would yield the kind of data and targeting the brand desired. To ensure a successful program launch, FriendShip first captured customers’ interest with a welcome offer of 25 cents off for gallons of fuel. Next, it ran an employee competition to generate customer enrollment. Lastly, FriendShip offered multiple ways to enroll in the program in order to maximize customer participation. The new program enables customers to enroll while inside the store or online.

With the launch of the program and compelling communication to customers and employees, FriendShip achieved a 28.5% penetration rate, nearly doubling its initial goal of a 15% penetration rate in less than three months.

Data-Driven Planning Leads to Program Success

FriendShip’s main objective was to get the most out of the data that its new program gathered. Thanks to rich customer data and Paytronix’s real-time platform, FriendShip continues to capitalize on targeted messaging and drive more spend:


  • Targeted pump-to-store promotions increased in-store visits by 5% and gallons purchased by 18%.

  • The percentage of loyalty transactions and sales more than doubled with the new program.

  • Registered cardholders were responsible for 66% of loyalty transactions (easily beating the goal of 50%).

  • In less than three months, a new FriendShip Kitchen location saw a 28.5% penetration rate, with a 3.6% conversion rate.


Going forward, FriendShip will continue to grow spend with pump-to-store promotions and capitalize on its new ability better message and target members thanks to rich customer data and Paytronix’s real time messaging platform. For FriendShip, their loyalty program is a key part of their broader strategy to build brand equity, customer engagement, and revenue.

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