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Program Technology Refresh Boosts Engagement

Reward Program in Need of an Upgrade

Launched in 2006, the original Forward Rewards Program required customers to identify themselves via a key fob and time-consuming manual entry of registration forms. Paper coupon printers took up valuable real estate at check-out counter, and continuous IT maintenance was required to ensure hardware on fuel pumps and in store was working.


Cashiers and Customers Enjoy Ease of Use

Built on the Paytronix Rewards platform, the new user-friendly Forward Rewards program is integrated directly with Forward’s Verifone Commander POS system. Cashiers are heroes in the transaction – “you have a reward!” – which they can quickly redeem for the member. Members are IDed at the POS via a rewards card or their telephone number. Paytronix technology scans the transaction for current, redeemable rewards, while automatically accruing value for the next reward to the member’s account.

New technology makes joining Forward Rewards easier. The brand is capturing twice as much customer purchase behavior data, more customers are joining and remaining active in the program.

Forward Solution
Forward Results
  • In the first month, the new Paytronix-powered rewards program activated 11,958 accounts,  compared to only 7,758 active members in the last month of the old program.

  • More than 50% of those newly activated members registered their accounts; a majority provided their email address and opted in to receive messages.

  • We Miss You email program is driving in an additional 500 – 800 monthly visits. Program automatically targets members with decrease in behavior over previous 30 days.

  • Monthly birthday program compels about 2,000 visits per month. 

  • More powerful programs and promotions are on the way as Forward continues to build its member base.

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Forward Corp. Delivers More Value to Customers & Brand with Paytronix-Powered Rewards Program.

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Michigan-based Forward Corp. updated its 10-year-old loyalty program by migrating it to the Paytronix Rewards Platform. Enhanced features include email marketing, phone number lookup at the POS, customer-selected rewards and paperless coupons. The new program also includes a branded mobile app that has greatly improved the program members' user experience. With Paytronix removing barriers to joining Forward Rewards, the brand is capturing twice as much customer purchase behavior data, more customers are joining and more are remaining active in the program.

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