Energizing Loyalty with an Instant-Win Promotion

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A national casual-dining restaurant chain was eager to energize its loyalty program members and to increase program enrollment. The group asked Paytronix to implement a double-points promotion on Mondays to increase guest visits.


The Challenge A national casual dining restaurant chain was eager to energize its loyalty program members and to increase program enrollment.

The Program The restaurant group launched a 7-week instant win promotion. With each visit, members had a chance to win one of various prizes ranging from membership points or free menu items to dinner with the executive chef, a private party, or the grand prize: a trip to a US destination of their choice.

Paytronix’s technology helped make this complex program simple and exciting for guests, easy for cashiers to execute, and financially meaningful for the company. When presented with the check at the end of their meal, the member’s card was swiped. In real time, the system determined if this visit was a winner, and if so, the award details were printed on the member’s receipt. One-in-ten visits produced a winner.

Seamless execution depended on several key elements of Paytronix’s unique technology solutions, including:

  • Integration across multiple POS systems spanning the six restaurant portfolio.
  • Real-time rules for randomly determining winners and instantly selecting rewards.
  • Reporting to measure program performance.
  • Plus, Paytronix executed this special promotion on top of the regular loyalty program operations.

The Results and Financial Return
The program delivered outstanding results for the restaurant group. The program truly engaged andmotivated guests. Member visit rates jumped 25% during the promotion period. And when they came in, members spent 6.5% more than usual. 


Plus, winning proved contagious. Excitement cascaded through the restaurants and fueled interest in the program. As a result, overall membership surged 22%, far exceeding expectations as monthly enrollment more than doubled during the promotion period.

In all, this inaugural program produced a fantastic 168% ROI. And because the program was built on the Paytronix platform, it was engineered for reuse and has allowed the restaurant group to replicate this successful program with minimal effort.

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| Energizing Loyalty with an Instant-Win Promotion
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