Break Time Drives 25.6% Increase in Customer Spend with Monthly Rewards Challenge
Rewarding Visits and Spend, Apart and Together

Break Time partnered with Paytronix Data Insights to enhance its loyalty program and offer greater rewards the more guests engaged with the program each month. MyTime Rewards features four separate tiers that enable Break Time to reward customers for both visits and spend, encouraging guests to move up to the next tier based on their behavior. As guests visit more, they earn higher point multiples and extra perks, with increasing rewards for fuel, beverage, and bonus points at each ascending level. This helps to incentivize increased visits as well as greater spending. Every month, customer frequency is reevaluated.   

Paytronix automates the process of evaluating and rewarding members as they reach new tiers and earn new perks. MyTime Rewards members are challenged to requalify every month, encouraging those customers to maintain their status.

Break Time convenience stores feature hundreds of consumer brands all looking for competitive edge. Break Time leveraged its consumer-packaged goods vendor partners and associated promotional dollars to run promotions at no cost to Break Time, resulting in customer spend lift of 25.6%.

Personalized Messages Move the Sales Needle

A core component of the Break Time loyalty program is the ability to reach members at prime journey moments. With Paytronix automation, MyTime Rewards triggers a series of personalized messages to members that alert guests when they are nearing a new tier to encourage them to act quickly. When a member reaches a new tier, a congratulatory note is automatically sent with information on their new tier of program benefits, and how to access them. Personalized messages encourage members to strive for escalating program benefits and have had a demonstrable impact on customer behavior.


Break Time’s tiered loyalty program delivered impressive impact:

  • 12,000 guests in “Big Time” top rewards tier
  • 42% of all transactions completed with MyTime Rewards
  • 2% increase in gallons pumped, directly attributable to the program
  • 25.6% increase in customer spend

“One of the reasons we chose Paytronix as our loyalty partner was because they weren’t just a software program or a convenience store program. Paytronix really knows loyalty, and gave us the best insight to build an industry leading program. That’s exactly what we feel like we’ve gained with Paytronix, a real partner.” 

Anita Bichsel, Marketing Manager Break Time Convenience Stores

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