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A truly unique experience.

At PXUX we share ways to adapt to the changes in our industry. You will hear best practices from industry leaders, learn about the latest trends for guest engagement, and enjoy opportunities to network with your peers. 

Learn what to do today to thrive tomorrow! 

The sessions include what you have come to expect from PXUX: 

  • Actionable insights  
  • Master revenue-driving best practices
  • Learn from others who have overcome similar challenges  
  • Explore the future of the platform  
  • Dive into industry trends  
  • Tell the team about your favorite parts of the Paytronix platform and where you want to see enhancements

Want to master the right tools for your business’s future? You can also attend the bonus in-person Master Class when you register!

Questions? Call (617) 649-3300 x301.

What’s PXUX All About?

“I think everyone should come to PXUX. It’s a great learning experience – meeting with other people and talking about their programs. This year, I did the Master Class, which I really liked. I think it's really beneficial right when you’ve launched to really dive deep into the tools that are available and be able to use them appropriately with your program.”

Jacinda Fairchild
Loyalty Manager, Maverik Inc.

“I found the Master Class really helpful. Paytronix has a lot of tools and there’s so much the system can do."

Adam McIntyre
Marketing Manager, Cara Irish Pubs
Everything You Love About PXUX

Quality guest speakers, insights, learnings and a forum to share your experiences – that's what we have in store for you at PXUX.

Highlights from Past PXUX events
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