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Online ordering platform for restaurants with fewer than 10 units

As you begin to scale your business, you’ll want to increase your reach, attract new customers, and make it easy for them to experience all that your restaurants have to offer. The Paytronix online ordering platform is here to help.

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Pizza Picker Animation
A restaurant online ordering system that makes a great first impression

A new customer’s first interaction with your restaurant might be through online ordering, so your off-premises experience has to be seamless. If it’s easy and informative, you’ll earn a customer for life.

  • Simplify ordering food online with our easy-to-use interface.
  • Improve delivery with a location finder.
  • Facilitate building a pizza with our pizza topping picker.
  • Keep customers informed with estimated delivery times.
  • Ensure a rewarding experience with multiple offer redemptions.
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31.76 Percentage

The global on-demand food delivery market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 31.76% for the next two years.

Payment Ease
Take the pain out of paying

Guests often find that the hardest part of online ordering is payment. We make it a pleasure by offering an exceptional checkout experience with multiple convenient ways to pay – and the process only gets easier with repeat business.

  • Offer the convenience of the latest payment options, like Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Securely store payment information for faster checkout on repeat orders.
  • Automatically update payment information at expiration to reduce guest friction.
  • Build trust with fast settlement of funds.
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Integrations make it easy

Our restaurant online ordering platform directly integrates with the Toast POS system. This makes your employees experience easy and convenient as well, able to respond to customers’ needs, keep online menus up to date, and make sure the kitchen isn’t overwhelmed.

  • Modify online menus automatically through our POS integration.
  • Improve the user experience with responsive online ordering pages.
  • Throttle orders to ease bottlenecks during rushes.
  • Execute promotions with activity history in mind.
  • Generate sales reports that break down online orders.
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Delivery Zones Laptop
Work smarter, not harder

Part of the Paytronix mission is to simplify your workflow so you spend less time with the online ordering software and more time pleasing customers. That’s why the entire process has been structured to ensure accurate orders and prompt deliveries.

  • Create custom delivery zones and fees.
  • Provide updated delivery estimates for your waiting customers.
  • Build your own flow for order acceptance and fulfillment.
  • Capture and report historical delivery and sales data.
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Turn the last mile into your next smile

An online ordering experience ends only when the correct meal is in the customer’s hands. Whether you use your own fleet, a third-party aggregator, or a dedicated outsourcer, Paytronix makes delivery a smooth operation.

  • Integrate with third-party aggregators like DoorDash and Grubhub.
  • Accommodate your in-house delivery fleet or a dedicated outsourcer.
  • Include intelligent delivery estimates for greater peace of mind.
  • Automate post-purchase surveys to gain insight on improvement.
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To err is human, to recover divine

No matter how hard we try or how good our online ordering software is, mistakes will inevitably happen. It’s how you deal with them – and how you treat your guests – that will set your restaurant apart and help win back patronage.

  • Engage quickly with direct-to-manager messages and one-touch response.
  • Assist recovery efforts with automated coupons. 
  • Delight with behavior-informed messaging that encourages future orders.
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