Slim Down Your Tech Stack

All-in-one means ease, reliability, compatibility, and a frictionless experience for your guests.

There’s no need to cobble together a full system from multiple providers. Our comprehensive platform provides all the tools you need to collect and analyze data, helping you manage customer relationships both on- and off-premises.

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A True Customer Experience Engine
  • More than 400 active programs
  • Billions of transactions in real time
  • Immediate engagement actions, such as accruals, redemptions, one-to-one messages, and instant wins
  • Customizable program design
  • Easy campaign management
  • Uptime of 99.997%

Loyalty + ordering = 18% increase in online ordering frequency when loyalty added

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Customized Mobile Solutions
  • Messaging to catch people at just the right time
  • Apps on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Responsive web pages for on-the-go program management
  • Ordering on both mobile websites and apps
  • Payment through stored value, comp, and pay-by-mobile
POS Integrations
Seamless POS Integrations
  • Compatibility with over 30 POS systems
  • Support for a mixed POS environment
  • The most ways for customers to be identified at the POS
  • Promotions and discounts that are targeted at the item level
  • Real-time accruals and redemptions
A Comprehensive Campaign Center
  • Easy-to-navigate data visualization tools
  • Segmentation that enables one-to-one marketing
  • Campaign results in a simplified format
  • Target-and-control campaigns
  • Onboard messaging tools for SMS, email, push, geofence, and in-app messaging
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Today's leading brands are using artificial intelligence to segment guests effectively, predict consumer behavior, and tailor one-to-one communications that drive individual actions.