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Together We Will Come Out of This Stronger

Never have we been through something like this.  

Two weeks ago nothing seemed strange. Words like "coronavirus" and COVID-19 were out there, but life continued. Our guests came for meals, we fed them food and drink, and we looked for ways to build incremental revenue and build new services like mobile ordering and delivery.  

Today, the entire industry has moved to mobile ordering, bars are shut down and most of our staffs have been let go. Those who do remain worry about a terrifying illness.

This has the National Restaurant Association calling on Congress to bail out the industry with a $145 billion package, as the food and service sector employs 15.6 million people, most of whom made up the massive unemployment claims that were filed just this week. 

Some places are stepping up by asking for gift cards or donations that can go to those service workers affected by the layoffs. Others are donating food and meals to their now former employees and their families.  

Those who are still employed, and those businesses still open, need to find a new path forward, one that includes a different type of takeout service. Our engineers have spent this week pounding away to offer new features designed to solve this problem. 

 We now offer a way for you to stand up an order and delivery platform inside of two weeks, and all you need is a Windows computer and a network-connected printer. For those already using our order and delivery platform, we now enable you to handle curbside pickup, with customers providing a way to identify their car, then giving them an easy way to contact you when they arrive. Some states are starting to allow restaurants to deliver alcohol along with food, including Kentucky, Maryland, New York and Texas, thereby opening up some much-needed opportunities for additional revenue.  

We've also created new filters within the loyalty application so you can easily identify those people whose patterns have changed, then target them with messages to let them know that you're offering delivery options.  

Late in the week we started our first industry roundtables in which people can come together and learn from one another. We're hearing some creative ideas for how brands are engaging their customers. Some are offering double points, while others are simply letting their customers know their status.  

But we’re also hearing other challenges. Some convenience store clients told us that they’re having trouble with employees showing up, as many are afraid of getting sick. For those still coming in, morale is low and in need of a pickup. Still others are looking for better ways to communicate the steps their taking to ensure that their stores are clean.  

Perhaps the biggest challenge for our clients is that they can’t look ahead in this dark tunnel, even for a minute, to read the data and understand what may lie ahead. They're turning to us to better understand when things may turn positive, so we’ll keep an eye out and report back as we start to see more light 

We are confident that together we will get through this. It’s dark today, but soon we will raise a glass and celebrate what we’ve overcome.  

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