What should I do about recurring campaigns?

Review and, when necessary, deactivate any campaigns you have running that are designed to encourage guests to dine on premise. Maintain birthday and other recurring programs but adjust the messaging language to acknowledge their reward and that they may not be able to use it right away, but that they will be invited to celebrate later in the year.

Do you have any tips on how to communicate to guests during this time?

Let your guests know you are maintaining the health and safety of your employees, assuring them that the people who care for them every day are safe. Clearly lay out the procedures for how people can place online orders for pickup and set expectations around timing.

I don’t offer ordering and delivery and my guests aren’t allowed in store. Can I set up Order & Delivery?

We have a program to get you going within two weeks. Paytronix is here to help accelerate your ability to provide a dining experience through online ordering and delivery. Our Order & Delivery Acceleration Program requires just a Windows computer and a printer. is designed to quickly get you up, running and servicing your customers in this new model.

How quickly can we get up and running with online ordering?

The Order & Delivery Acceleration Program will get you up and running in 1-2 weeks. 

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