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Yesway Drives 45.2% of Its Loyalty Members from Pump to Store with Paytronix

NEWTON, Mass., August 14, 2018 -- Paytronix Systems, Inc., the industry’s fastest innovator and most widely adopted customer experience platform, today announced that Yesway has won the 2018 Paytronix Loyaltee Award for Best Convenience Store Loyalty Launch. The Yesway Rewards program helps this innovative brand generate a unique experience that engages customers and motivates them to visit its stores and pumps more frequently.

Read how loyalty drives strategic growth for the Yesway convenience store brand, Yesway Drives 45.2% of Its Loyalty Members from the Pump to the Store.

Yesway is a rapidly-growing convenience store chain headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa with 150 locations across the Midwest. The Yesway brand was launched in December of 2015 by private equity firm Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC with a goal to acquire, improve and rebrand approximately 500 convenience stores.

“Paytronix gives us a multi-pronged approach to communicating with our loyalty customers via email and mobile messaging, which is directly tied to store-level promotions. It is a powerful platform,” said Darrin Samaha, VP and Brand Manager at Yesway. “Some brands run their programs in a passive way; however, we take a different approach. We work with Paytronix’s team to make informed campaign decisions to drive and enhance customer visits based on data. The ability to connect supplier brands to our program allows us to cut the data and understand what offers are really going to move the needle on each visit.”

Yesway leverages its loyalty program to run joint promotions with numerous vendors, including Altria, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Frito Lay and other major supplier partners, who will often fund the rewards. Coca-Cola, for example, recently provided loyalty customers with an extra summer beverage reward, and Red Bull offered a “cents off per gallon” promotion on gas fill-up with purchase—bringing guests into the store and driving new registrations.

“The integration of the supplier partner program has helped bring customers into the stores who have in turn become new members,” said Samaha. “As an example, we introduced an Altria partnership and our tobacco offer realized a 52% take rate in its first program phase. That is a compelling result and we are looking to do more with Paytronix and our suppliers in the coming year.”

“Yesway is enjoying the benefits of nearly every aspect of the Paytronix platform—from its core loyalty program, to the campaign tools—and it has been exhilarating seeing Yesway achieve such success early in the program,” said Michelle Tempesta, Head of Product for Paytronix. “As Yesway marches toward its goal of 500 locations, we continue to develop high-impact, transaction-motivating features to help it achieve its financial objectives too.”

Yesway management believed that a loyalty program was a critical element to building relationships with their customers and differentiating this new brand from their competitors. After a comprehensive review of potential loyalty platforms, Yesway selected Paytronix as its customer engagement platform and then built Yesway Rewards from the ground up.  Consequently, Yesway is better able to identify, understand and communicate with their guests and deliver direct messages with relevant offers that give customers even more reasons to shop at its stores. 


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For deeper insight about how Yesway is leveraging Paytronix data to continually improve its loyalty program, read the accompanying Q&A interview with Darrin Samaha.


About Yesway

BW Gas & Convenience, d/b/a Yesway, is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.  Yesway debuted at #7 on the Convenience Store News "2018 Top 20 Growth Chains" list, was named a "2017 Chain to Watch" by Convenience Store Decisions, and most recently ranked #78 on the "CSP Top 202 Chains" list.  Yesway's swiftly expanding portfolio currently consists of 150 stores located in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Yesway plans to acquire, improve, and rebrand 500 convenience stores in selected regions of the United States over the next several years.  For more information on Yesway, please visit the company's website at

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