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Paytronix Research Unveils Data-Driven Path to Restaurant Menu Design that Increases Guest Visits

Paytronix Data Insights Report Correlates Menu Item Purchases and Return Visit Frequency by Guest Segment to Determine Which Items Most Influence Guest Behavior

Newton, MA—January 3, 2018— Paytronix Systems, Inc., an innovator in loyalty and guest engagement software, today announced research from its Data Insights team, which finds that the traditional approach of evaluating overall sales numbers to rank the performance of your menu items is NOT the best approach to menu redesign. The latest research from Paytronix explains how to dig into menu data and purchase frequency—as well as the performance of guests who buy particular items and the personas attached with your best sellers—to engineer a more effective menu.

Read the Paytronix Research Brief:

What Your Guests Really Think of Your Menu

“Brands need to identify which menu items have the highest likelihood of prompting return visits, because simply cutting out your lowest selling items can have a negative impact upon business,” said Lee Barnes, head of Paytronix Data Insights. “Instead, consider two key factors – who’s buying what menu item, and how often are they being repurchased. Analysis of that data shows that lower selling items are often guest favorites that drive return visits.”

The Paytronix report explores how the most critical step in any consumer’s relationship with a brand is their second purchase. Getting guests back into your restaurants or stores goes a long way towards earning their continued loyalty. What can you do to ensure they come back? Any advantage a brand can take to prompt a second visit will help establish sustainable guest loyalty and correlations between purchases and return visits is a good start.

The Paytronix Research Brief studied customers’ menu data, purchase behavior, loyalty and more, to find out which menu items have the highest likelihood of prompting return visits. High frequency, medium frequency and low frequency guests and purchases all behave differently from one another. Using information that pertains to each level in marketing campaigns can extract the most value from each segment. Paytronix Data Insights analysts compared menu items that each frequency group buys, as well as repurchase rates. This new report identifies the data trends that drive low frequency guests to come back for a future visit.

Paytronix Data Insights

Paytronix embraces Big Data, bringing together POS, loyalty, social media, and other disparate data sources to discover new opportunities for compelling visits and spending, efficiently identifying and automating 1-1 guest engagement.  This report from the Paytronix Data Insights analyst research team is provided to help customers uncover actionable insights from disparate data sources, for more effective use of their marketing budget—which ultimately results in happier, more loyal guests.

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