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Paytronix Mobile App Lets C-Store Customers Decide How to Reward Themselves

'Reward Yourself' capability gives customers the power to select their own rewards from an online catalog of options

Newton, MAJuly 25, 2017 — Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today announced a new "Reward Yourself" capability in its branded mobile app that lets C-store program members redeem rewards of their own choosing. With the new mobile feature, brands get closer to their customers by giving them the ability to browse a catalog of rewards and decide for themselves how they want to bank and redeem their program points.

This and other new Paytronix mobile platform capabilities will be unveiled at the upcoming PXUX 2017 customer meeting, September 13 - 14, in Denver, Colorado.

Since most C-stores offer a points-based program that rewards members with points for each dollar spent, it's simple to link their branded Paytronix mobile app back to an online catalog. There, members can shop for everything from a sweepstakes entry to win a gas card or tickets to a Lady Gaga concert, or simply their points for a hot beverage, chips or Red Bull. 

Brands can also leverage the Reward Yourself structure to partner with CPG vendors on new product promotions. For instance, they could drop the number of points required to redeem a new candy bar from 1,000 to 100 and influence customers to sample the new product.

"The 'Reward Yourself' capability helps Forward Corporation create an aspirational and versatile program that gives members visibility into multiple reward options," said Emily Mallory, Chief Marketing Officer at Forward Corporation. "It gives our customers more autonomy by allowing them to decide which reward they will be banking their points for. The ability to spend/save points for larger reward options has been a huge improvement to the overall program."

"Paytronix has been working with restaurants for years on their bankable point programs and now we are delighted to bring this expertise to C-stores," said Joel Udwin, mobile product manager, Paytronix Systems, Inc. "A branded Paytronix app with our 'Reward Yourself' capability is a terrific way for C-stores to engage customers in their bankable point programs."

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