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Jason's Deli eGift Revenue Jumps 50% Since Migrating to Paytronix Gift Card Platform

With both card and egift options, program is helping restaurant group boost revenue and attract new customers

Newton, MAAugust 28, 2017 — Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today announced that Jason's Deli has seen an almost 50 percent increase in egift sales since migrating to the Paytronix Stored-Value platform. With the help of Paytronix, the fast growing casual restaurant group has revitalized its gift card program with both physical cards and egift options and is leveraging the program to boost revenue and attract new customers.

In 2016, Jason's Deli decided that it needed to move to a new gift card provider that could help it transform its plastic and virtual offering into strategic marketing vehicles. The company wanted to work with a partner that shared its entrepreneurial values and could support its rapid growth. The new partner would also need to deliver integrations to third-party program providers Incomm and Blackhawk as well as online ordering provider Order Talk, and to execute cross-channel settlements with franchisees in a timely manner.

After a very thorough RFP process, Jason's Deli selected Paytronix Systems Inc. as its new gift card services provider. In September of 2016, Jason's Deli migrated off its previous provider and onto Paytronix. A sophisticated group of people on both sides made what could have been a complex process into a seamless crossover.

Overall, Paytronix has been able to provide Jason's Deli with:

  • Support and responsiveness - 24-by-seven support services for both Jason's corporate executives as well as the franchisees and deli managers;
  • More reports - A full range of high quality reports to support marketing, finance, and franchisees;
  • Increased Exposure - New ecard channel hosted by Paytronix, which brings customers closer together, has grown almost 50 percent in last 12 months while validating Jason's mission "to make every customer happy";
  • Ease of use - Decentralized money movement facilitates monthly reconcilation with franchisees, which allows them to hold onto cash from gift card sales until the card is redeemed;
  • Seamless Migration - Paytronix has significant experience migrating existing gift card programs so that the transition is seamless and transparent to the guest. All existing cards in guest's hands and in inventory are able to still be used.

"Jason's Deli selected Paytronix both for its entrepreneurial values and its laser focus on stored-value and loyalty programs," said Kevin Carpenter, controller, Jason's Deli. "Since migrating to the Paytronix platform almost a year ago, Jason's Deli has seen a significant increase in deli gift card sales and almost a 50 percent jump in egift sales from last September through July 2017."

"Paytronix worked closely with Jason's Deli to move all of its data over from their previous provider onto the Paytronix Stored-Value platform without individual customers or the deli operators knowing it had happened. What could have been a high-anxiety situation turned into relief as the end of the day," said Ken Buckley, head of client services at Paytronix Systems, Inc. "Jason's Deli joins the growing number of merchants today choosing the Paytronix platform to process gift cards while also providing the added ability to grow into other services that Paytronix offers such as loyalty, email, and mobile apps."

For more information on optimizing your gift card program, register for the August 31 webinar: Accounting for Gift Card Growth Channels


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