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Paytronix Delivers Loyalty Program to Thorntons Convenience Store Chain

Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today announced that Thorntons Inc., one of the leading independent gasoline and convenience chain in the U.S., has implemented the Paytronix Loyalty Platform to support its new Refreshing Rewards customer loyalty program across 178 locations. Leveraging the Paytronix loyalty engine enabled the c-store chain to quickly test a variety of elements in a secure, market-focused pilot program and then rapidly roll out the program to all its stores.

A relationship-driven consumer loyalty program, Thorntons Refreshing Rewards features three distinct levels: Welcome, Premium, and VIP. Built with the Paytronix Rules and Wallets engine as its foundation, the program leverages the technology to identify customers with high potential value and nurture them to become their best customers. The technology enables Thorntons to deliver varying levels of rewards based on guest visit, spending, and purchase behavior.

Following a successful 22-store pilot program in Lexington, KY, and Nashville, TN, Thorntons Refreshing Rewards rolled out across all of its stores between July and September. With an initial goal of more than three quarters of a million members by the end of the year, Thorntons Refreshing Rewards is already demonstrating an impact by generating additional revenue per store each week. With Paytronix, Thorntons was able to achieve:

Rapid Deployment – Leveraging the Paytronix team, integration technology and experience, Thorntons integrated its POS and mobile app with the core Paytronix Loyalty Platform so that its pilot program went live on schedule.

Customer-Driven Loyalty – Paytronix captures guest data so that Thorntons can personalize the guest experience and build relationship-based loyalty. By analyzing the cross roads of product SKUs and specific customers, Thorntons is now able to deliver highly relevant, one-to-one messages that strengthen the relationship between the brand and its customers.

Improved CPG Collaboration – With specific data on which customers are buying which SKUs, Thorntons is transmitting this information back to CPG vendors, who can transform this buyer-level information into more targeted, high-yield promotions.

Real-Time Behavior-TriggeredMessaging --  Thorntons can quickly communicate with guests on weekly promotions, gas pricing, distance to the next reward, and remind guests of rewards  earned as well as expiration dates.

“Thorntons has a long, unwavering commitment to its customers,” said Tony Harris, president, Thorntons, Inc. “With the technology Paytronix provides, we expect that our new loyalty program will help us gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs. That insight will enable us to deliver unique customer experiences. Refreshing Rewards enables us to track guest behavior and interactions with various product categories and then use that data to collaborate with our CPG vendors to the individual buyer level. Through several channels, we’ll be able to actively thank our customers for choosing Thorntons.”

“We’re thrilled to work with a client that is deeply committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. The Thorntons technology team coupled with the Paytronix team produced an incredibly reliable integration to the chain’s POS – which is the crux of our ability to deliver operational excellence to the Thorntons team as well as convenience to the customers on the other end of their millions of annual transactions,” said Andrew Robbins, president, Paytronix Inc. “Thorntons continues to lead the category in innovative ways to engage its customers.”

About Thorntons Inc.
Founded by Kentucky native James H. Thornton in 1971, Thorntons Inc. is one of the leading independent gasoline and convenience chain retailers in the U.S., currently operating throughout the Midwest under the brand name Thorntons. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Thorntons operates over 178 gasoline and convenience stores, car washes and travel plazas in six states: Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, and Tennessee. 

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