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Newton, MA
Real-Time Behavior-Triggered Messaging and Local Store Marketing: Essential Tools for Outstanding Restaurant Marketers

Paytronix Systems, Inc.’s latest software release includes two essential marketing tools for restaurants: Real-Time Behavior-Triggered Messaging and Local Store Marketing. These features bolster an already robust guest messaging toolset that enables restaurant marketers across the country to deploy timely, relevant messages based on their guests’ actual visit and spend activity.

Delivering the right message at the right time through the appropriate channel means more revenue for restaurants. That’s what prompted these new features, according to Paytronix president Andrew Robbins. “Our customers enjoy double-digit increases in incremental visits and spending when they leverage guest behavior to deliver relevant and timely guest messages.”

The new Real-Time Behavior-Triggered Messaging feature enables restaurant marketers to trigger messages once a specific guest behavior occurs. Triggers can be based on behaviors, such as a guest visit, a reward accrual, or the purchase of a specific menu item. This is the perfect tool for deploying LTO and new-menu-item surveys, communicating reward earnings and distance to the next reward, and reminding guests of existing rewards and expiration dates.

Local Store Marketing empowers restaurant managers with the ability to send email messages to loyal guests. Implementing this tool maximizes the efficiency of corporate marketing groups, provides a convenient channel for delivering relevant content, and improves relationships for franchisees by enabling them to directly leverage email and reward-program data. 

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